Say Annyeong-haseyo To the Latest Trend in Interior Design

Whether you’ve noticed it yet or not, Korean culture has made its way into our lives one way or another. Whether you’re keeping up with the latest and greatest Korean drama series, an avid K-Pop fan, or you’re a sucker for some of their beauty products, little bits of Korean culture have already been introduced in your daily life.

This global trend has seen the rise in popularity of Korean inspired living, and this doesn’t mean moving into a hanok and making kimchi all day. A shift towards minimalist living with decorative style inspired from nature, Korean styled homes have been gaining popularity over the years and its not hard to see why.

Focus on Floor Seating

If you’ve ever watched a Korean drama, you’d notice that in most apartments, the living room rarely has a sofa. Instead, you’d usually have small coffee table and some cushions and rugs to sit on. The cosiness of sprawling across a fluffy rug while leaning on a fat stack of pillows is unparalleled, and the Koreans discovered this for us.

Keeping the tables and the seating area closer to the ground, the style is classical Korean detailing which dates back centuries ago.

Use Exposed Light Wood

Being a typical feature, the light wood features are a quintessential part of any of Korean home. The wood not only represents the connection with nature, it also pairs with the lighter tones of the home to create a serene and peaceful atmosphere which permeates through the home.

Incorporating lots of natural lighting in the home (and yellow lighting for when there is none), the light timber tones chosen are perfectly complemented. Other types of light wood including bamboo, teak, and birch are just as good if you can’t find suitable light timbre. While you don’t have to clad your apartment from head to toe in these woods, simple accent pieces like small plant pots or a bookshelf will do just fine to achieve this.

A Mix of Neutral and Bright Colours

Korean homes are known for being spunky, with a mix and balance between neutral and cool colours, with small flashes and pops of colour peppered around the home. This perfect balance between them create an exciting and energetic atmosphere through out the home. The overall theme and look of the home should aim to be neutral, with lighter colours like beige, linen, and light browns as the focus and primary colour scheme.

But what livens up the room are those little pockets of colour hidden and spread all throughout the home. Pops of teal, red, orange and anything that matches the main colour scheme of the home will be great additions. You can even consider getting some plants (which add to the natural look too) or have a colourful bookshelf to brighten up the room. Some more daring types can opt for bright and cheery looking stools or lampshades even (these are perfect as usable decorative pieces).

These quirky accent pieces are meant to make a statement, so don’t be afraid to go bold with some of these choices.

The Bookshelf

There’s something very nuanced about a Korean styled bookshelf that just makes it a Korean styled bookshelf. Another most have in any Korean inspired living, the bookshelf and how you pull it off is an anchor part of the overall design.

Korean homes love having open design bookshelves. This means either no sides, or a minimal amount of sides enclosing the shelf. The design of the shelf itself is also made to be asymmetric, with shelves not matching the same level and varying lengths of each shelf. The asymmetric design is meant to break the mould of typicality and inject life and unconventionality into the overall atmosphere, lightening the mood and softening the look.

Lastly, the shelves are not meant to be filled, have different heights of books, half-filled shelves, books leaning on each other and even decorative pieces like plants and collections on them. The bookshelf was not meant to be a plain and boring shelf, but rather the expression of the creativity and imagination of the home owners, so decorate yours as how best represents you.

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