Scandinavian Bathroom Designs To Adopt

March 17th 2021

The bathroom is where you have your alone time. If your bedroom is a prime space for you, the bathroom is even more essential as it is the place you really wind down - no screens, nobody else - just you taking care of yourself. That is also one reason why bathroom layout and interior design is fundamental. One of the best themes for your en-suite is Scandinavian. These are the elements that encourage a peaceful and relaxing time when you are cleaning yourself up! Hence, we want to show off some inspiring Scandinavian bathroom designs, so you’ll better understand what we mean.

scandinavian bathroom design 1
Image from The Spruce

Whites and subway tiles in the bathroom are one way you can score interior design points. Then dress your walls with white paint, but don’t just leave it bare. Introducing a potted plant can do wonders to the area. Perfect for ones with ample natural light streaming in, don’t be afraid to add an easy to care plant - like the Golden Pothos to bring a pop of colour and nature.

If you still want to have your bathroom bathed in as much white, we suggest not adding more than three colours for the decor.

she interior - scandinavian bathroom design
credit: She Interior

What if you want a little “extra extra” to your already white bathroom?

Nobody said you can’t!

Here is a bathroom designed by She Interior. Unlike the previous bathroom, this has woody accents from the oak-toned under-sink cabinet added to the predominantly white room.

Plus, we love the fun added to the flooring. Instead of going for something simple, the black and white mosaic is reminiscent of Peranakan heritage - minus the bright colours. It blends perfectly with the black hardware, bringing about a balance to the bathroom.

Subway tiles? That is quite a staple in Nordic designs. Here, the tiles used are brick-like but in white with an accentuated pop-out to give it dimension.

Note that there is less natural lighting in this room. Hence, under cabinet lighting, pendant lighting and more powerful white lights are needed to effectively illuminate all the spaces in the bathroom.

exqsite interior - scandinavian bathroomm design
credit: Exqsite Interior

Another favourite of ours is this bathroom design that merges Scandinavian and minimalism by ExQsite Interior Design Pte Ltd. For your information, Scandinavian and minimalist interior designs are two different themes. However, it can be fused to emphasise simplicity through clean lines, working together with functional furnishings, keeping the bathroom looking interesting, and not, as with many minimalist designs - appear blank.

Here, we see clever use of mirrors and reflections to extend the potential of light from diffused panelling and “framed” lighting from behind the mirror. This gives the designers a passport to introduce darker furnishings like the under-sink cabinet and other black hardware.

Schemacraft interior - scandinavian bathroom design
credit: Schemacraft interior

Wait a minute - is this a Nordic design.

Yes, it is.

A little bit like the yin and yang, Scandinavian design is also oriented to bring the whole picture with a balance of light and dark colours. So you might see bright pastel colours teamed with brooding greys.

We see how the Scandinavian ideal is played out here through the use of wooden panels for walls, grey tiles for flooring and an equally grey under-sink cabinet for storage. The leather knobs create a good contrast to its background.

Probably a more masculine vibe of Scandinavian design.

Studio atelier - scandinavian bathroom design
credit: Studio atelier

Last but not least, we have a classic Scandinavian style bathroom. Timber and tiles always work brilliantly together, bringing about the feeling of cosiness. The subtle colour merge of greenish-grey ceramic tiles with grey granite tiles introduces nature-inspired hues.

Here, we have a gorgeous under sink cabinet complete with three drawers, perfect for storage. That is not all - the mirror cabinets provide additional storage too.

Simple, functional and hygge, that is the concept we see in these bathrooms.

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