Science Behind The Kitchen Triangle

Renodots article- Science Behind The Kitchen Triangle

Let’s do a quick one-question quiz – What increases productivity in the kitchen? Many of you would say kitchen appliances, of course! While we love our air fryers, bread makers, waffle makers and (ahem) garlic mincers, there is one design that contributes to productivity in the kitchen – the kitchen triangle!

What is a kitchen triangle?

It is a design concept that uses three key points – the stove (or the oven, depending on what you are using to cook your food), sink and the fridge (or the pantry cupboard). You must be able to move from one point to another without being blocked, with the points located not too far or close to each other. .

While many of us would not attribute productivity to a kitchen layout, it is a silent (and unrecognised) system that can contribute to you making meals a little faster.


We will discover the science behind kitchen triangles by looking at several kitchen layouts!

This kind of kitchen is quite common as most apartment layouts include a rectangular or longitudinal kitchen. The kitchen has two sides; one with the stove and fridge and in the middle, adjacent to where the food is stored and cooked, is the sink.

Galley Kitchen

Galley Kitchen
Image from Country Living Magazine

Here’s an example of a clean and airy galley kitchen.

As you can see, it is long and narrow with the sink flanked by counter space on its sides. This is ideal when you are rinsing your fruits and vegetables to be cut.

When cooking, your ingredients are just an arm’s length away. After cooking and when it is time to wash your pots and pans, turn around to the sink.

G-shaped kitchen

G shaped kitchen
Image from Design Cafe

If you’ve got a G-shaped kitchen like the one above, speak to your interior designer on how to make the kitchen triangle work for you. Of course, you can swap each point around. If you’ve got a window in the kitchen, your sink is likely placed there due to plumbing reasons. As for the other two points, you can work it around to create a triangle.

However, always ensure there is space around your sink area as you will be washing large items such as pots, pans, plates and other equipment. If it is located close to the fridge or stove, water may splatter everywhere – that is not a good layout.

Kitchen with Island

Kitchen with an island
Image from Architectural Digest

If you are lucky enough to have space for an island, make full use of it. You can make the island one of the three points or have it cross it like the image above. Some prefer to either fix a stove or sink to the island but if it is a portable island, no worries, the triangle still works!

To save space, you can always transform your island to be a makeshift breakfast bar too!

L-shaped Kitchen

l shaped kitchen
Image from Airtasker

Most small kitchens are L-shaped. If you think these kinds of kitchens cannot apply the kitchen triangle, think again!

The only difference is that two points will be located on the same line. Like the above, the stove and the fridge are located next to each other. The triangle still applies. If your L-shaped kitchen is more spacious but has the same layout, the triangle is more apparent.

U-shaped Kitchen

u-shaped kitchen
Image from Designing Idea

Just a quick tip – do you know that you can transform an L-shaped kitchen into a U-shaped kitchen by adding an extension?

If you are renovating your L-shaped kitchen, this may apply to you too!

In a U-shaped kitchen, the triangle can be clearly seen as you have the three points displayed from the same vantage. Directly in front of you is the sink with the stovetop and fridge on either side.

Before you move on to the next article, tell us, what is the shape of your kitchen? If you have renovated it, does it follow the kitchen triangle? Yes or no, remember to share this to your friends, so they are educated on what a kitchen triangle is!

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