SEDS Interior - 310 Yishun Ring Road

May 10th 2022

SEDS Interior - 310 Yishun Ring Road

SEDS Interior is dedicated to bringing your vision to life. With a flair for design, SEDS Interior has dabbled in both commercial and residential projects, which just demonstrates their versatility and skill. Rest assured that you can leave your idea with the designers at SEDS and you will be greeted with a classy home that has excellent workmanship by the end of it! If you’re curious, we will walk through one of their residential projects in a home at Yishun Ring Road so you can see how truly fascinating their craft is. 


The foyer is the first tithing people see when they enter your home so it is important in setting the tone for the entire house. Here, we see that the designers chose a comforting wooden-framed cabinet that matches the wooden door. This is presented against a white backdrop to create a calming effect.

Living room

The living room has a very comforting and almost welcoming energy. With the lighted crowned ceiling and spot lights, this helps to disperse light throughout the room which creates a light-hearted atmosphere that is suitable for having conversations with your guests or housemates. The designer opted for an open concept which is why there is little partitioning in the living room. 

Dining area

The dining area has a bar-like concept with seats surrounding the island. This space is perfect for those interested in mixology because you have a vast amount of space to store your drinks!


The kitchen in this home has a narrow layout. So, to avoid feeling claustrophobic, the designers flushed the furniture against the walls to create more floor space. The use of white cabinets also help in reflecting light to make the kitchen look more spacious.

Home office

An extra room was turned into a simple, but very functional, home office. By smartly partitioning the space, the room can accommodate a display case, ample work room for your documents and hidden drawers!


The bedrooms have a similar colour palette and concept. However, the designers played around with the larger space in one of the bedrooms by adding a mini workstation next to a display case. The elevated bed platform also adds more dimension to the room!


The bathroom has a neat and compact layout to accommodate the smaller space. The designers worked around this space by having a more condensed layout. The mirrors and bright lights help in opening up the space.


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