Selecting the best renovation contractor in town

The old saying goes that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. The same goes for house renovation. Planning is crucial when undertaking house renovation works, including selecting the best renovation contractor to carry out your dream home. To ensure this, it is important for homeowners to conduct a comprehensive research on the various contractors out there and to select one that best meet your needs.

Background Check Safety is paramount in any decision, especially pertaining to one that involves huge cost. As one would know, renovation is one of the biggest price ticket item that Singaporeans have to spend on and unfortunately, one of the riskiest spending as well. In 2017, Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE) highlighted that the contractor industry has been within the top ten ranking for the number of complaints received by CASE in the past decade. Hence, background check is vital and would come a long way in ensuring that you hire the services of a reputable and an accredited contractor.

Below we share with you several tips that you can bear in mind when doing your background check. Whether you are living in a Housing Development Board (HDB) flat or a condominium, it is important to check in advance if the contractor would take note of the requirements of HDB or the condominium estate you are living in. For HDB, you can refer to the Listing of Registered Renovation Contractors under the HDB Registered Renovation Contractors’ Scheme (RRCS). This scheme was implemented to ensure that contractor companies are aware of HDB’s requirements when carrying out renovation works. To be more assured on the safety and reputability of your contractor, you can also opt to hire a contractor under this scheme although it is for your condominium.

Aside from HDB, another reputable source you can refer to would be trusted real estate associations. For contractors who are accredited by a reputed association, you can be assured that the quality and services of these companies have and would be audited on a timely basis. Additionally, it also alludes to the commitments of these contractors in delivering premium quality products and services to homeowners.

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Reviews of Singaporean Renovation Contractor

Despite alarming news of homeowners encountering renovation-gone-wrong cases for their homes, homeowners can still be assured that there are good, if not excellent renovation contractors out there. However, with many choices to choose from, you will perhaps get a tad anxious. No homeowners want to end up choosing the ‘wrong’ contractor. This is where reviews come in handy. They can prove to be important, if not crucial, in solidifying your decision. Certainly, the first thing that comes to our mind would be to solicit feedback from friends and families, who have undergone renovation. However, aside from traditional methods of garnering feedback within our circles of contacts, we also have the added the convenience of going online to read up reviews on renovation contractors.

From the reviews given, you would probably be zooming towards those with the highest rating given by majority homeowners. Aside from looking at the scores, it is important to read the reviews and experiences of the homeowners as well so that you can have a better sensing of how the renovation contractor works and evaluate if their modus operandi would suit your needs. Best of all, there are multiple websites out there that provide reviews on Singaporean renovation contractors. With the above platforms in place to guide you as you embark on this long yet exciting journey, homeowners can now take a breather and go about with ease to select the best renovation contractor in town!

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