Sengkang’s Hidden Gems

Tucked away in the north of Singapore is the small town of Sengkang. Blessed with upcoming developments from HDB BTO flats, to executive condominiums and even private condominiums, Sengkang is set to become one of the latest hubs in Singapore. With two dedicated LRT lines and an MRT station serving the area, Sengkang has all the infrastructure needed to support the upcoming housing projects slated for it. But what exactly is there that’s so interesting in Sengkang? Well there’s a lot more than you would think.

Sengkang Riverside Park and Wetlands

If you thought Singapore’s only wetlands were in Sungei Buloh, you were wrong. Sengkang is home to another set of mangroves, set idyllically between the Anchorvale Community Center and Sports Complex, a boardwalk connects both sides of the river and lets guest get up close to the various species of fish and birds which call this their home.

Goodview Sengkang home

The riverside park also includes one of Singapores only fruit tree trails, growing local favourites like Mangosteens, Pomelo, Mangoes and Limes among the 16 different species of fruit trees. This place is a perfect educational day trip out with the kids.

Sengkang Sculpture Park

Another quirky find in Sengkang is the sculpture park. One of the few of such parks in Singapore, the sculpture park takes on a “fishing village” theme which reflects Sengkangs past. The interactive designs of the sculptures make for a unique playground.

Binge out at Jalan Kayu

Jalan Kayu has long been a famous supper place in the hearts and minds of Singaporeans. Serving up roti prata 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it’s the perfect place to go for a quick prata fix if you’re out with friends after a long night, or you’re just craving some of that oily goodness.

More than just prata, the stretch of Jalan Kayu is home to other eateries which are equally as fulfilling as their famous prata. If you’re in the mood for Western food, the diners here offer a variety of food like steak and authentic smoked American barbeque. Jerry’s Barbeque & grill smoke their meat daily and has great happy hour deals (which can be all day long for some beers).

Spizza also opened an outlet here if you’re looking to get that Italian wood-fired pizza taste in your mouth. If not, other local delights like Bak Kuh Teh, Nasi Padang and Prawn Noodles are also available here till late.

Jalan Kayu prawn noodles food image

Vending Machine Café

You may not have thought that Singapore would be home to a vending machine café. Taking inspiration from Japan, Chef-in-box Vendcafe is a fully automated café in Singapore found only in Sengkang. The 24-hour café is perfect for those looking for a hot snack in the middle of the night, or those who just want to give this experience a try.

From local food like Chicken rice and Hor fun to dishes like spaghetti bolognaise and grilled chicken chop, the vending machines offer all sorts of cuisines. You can even get yourself a serving of chilli crab with mantou if you so desire! Complete your meal with a drink or a snack from the huge variety of choices available.

Sengkang Swimming Pool

Public swimming pools can be so boring. With just one lap pool and maybe a wading pool for the children, there’s really nothing much they have to offer, but Sengkang’s swimming pool takes public pools to the next level.

With one pool dedicated to 8 different slides of up to 3 stories tall, there’s sure to be fun for everyone. Save yourself a trip to Adventure cove and go down the two duelling slides. Better yet, race down one of the four lanes of open slides available, with the wind rushing through your hair as you descend from 3 stories, there’s nothing more exhilarating!

For the small ones, there is even a huge play area, equipped with buckets and showers for them to run around all day long!