Setting the Ambience of your Home by Getting This Right


Why are colours so important in theme settings?

Colour is part of the visual language that most people understand; with it being on most of your walls, it will seem as if your home is communicating to you via its vibe or ambience of the place. Thus, colours set the ambience of your home and need to get it right for the kind of mood you will like to set whenever you reached home.

Here are a few colour palettes to get you to consider:

Earthy Tones: The thoughts of earthy tones, will remind you of the elements of nature, or greenery. Through the mixture of brown tones and grey, they are considered to bring along the vibes of friendly, down to earth, contemporary and inviting. If you are keen to explore into such vibes, these tones will suit you! Read more about earthy tones and how you can use them here.

Eclectic Minimalist: Many will have known that minimalist brings similar to earthy tones and stick to as minimal colours as possible. However, with a revolutionary edge concept twist with minimalist, you can explore the above colour palettes for your bedroom to bring a bold twist with minimalist style. It reflects your love of variety for colours yet the love of clean spaces.

Scandinavian Theme: One may mention that Scandinavia is also a spin-off from earthy tones. However, this adds on black and white combination, along with grey and earthy tones. The ambience it creates simplicity, yet controlled while bringing a full of personality and warmth to your home.

Modern Industrial: The colour palette for Industrial is taking colours from olden factories and industrial spaces, thus they are muter and matt. With a modern twist, Industrial theme can be turned into a chic style. Through the usage of neutral tone furniture, will help to liven up the space that you are styling.

Bohemian: This particular style has been trending recently, and brings forth a unique, unpredictable, and bright mixtures of colours, patterns or texture. It is artsier and suitable for people who prefer to have their homes to seem more lively and interesting. The common colour for bohemian style will range from metallic shades and warm, earthy colours as a base. Owners may add decorations with jewel tones to further enhance it.

Along with the themes, do study the kind of colours you will love to have at your home. Confuse on which theme or colour palette to go to? Feel free to contact our interior designers for advice here.