SHE Interior – 402A Fernvale Lane

December 7th 2021

SHE Interior is a Singapore-based interior design company that prides themselves for their excellent design and service. They will be with you at every step of the way, from conceptualisation to renovation works and post-renovation maintenance to ensure that your ideal home comes to life just as you imagined it. They have managed projects for both HDBs and Condominiums and customers have raving reviews. They specialise in transforming a mundane home into stunning, sophisticated and elegant homes that look like they belong in a professional catalogue. Let’s walk through one of their projects at Fernvale Lane!

Living Room

The home features an oriental but modern interior design. Neutral, earthy tones are common for this kind of concept and are increasingly popular with contemporary homeowners as well. The colour palette gives the living room a calm and relaxing ambience that makes you feel far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The designers smartly used crowned ceilings to open up the space which makes the room look more luxurious.


The kitchen follows through with the earthy tones. Even the choice of cabinets appropriately complement the overall theme. The choice of overhead spotlights create a more intimate setting where you and your guests can have a chat at the Island. The dark brown hues are again complemented by the black marbled tiles but the white overhead cabinets provide a nice contrast that allow the furniture to pop.

Dining Room

The dining room is separated from the kitchen by clear panels that give you the option of providing a small gastronomic show for your guests as they await the delicious meal. This also helps to contain any oil splatters that can result from cooking. The unique overhead light fixture makes use of warm yellow lights to create a more personal ambience. It also creates a focal point in the room that lends an extra touch of elegance.


While the bedroom switches up the choice of colour palette, the choice of furniture and decorations still stick to the oriental and calming theme. The bedroom makes use of lighter coloured furniture to brighten up the room. Although, you can always change the mood by drawing the curtains. The choice of a brighter bedroom is rather ingenious for the everyday person. Most of us have a work station in our bedrooms and this room respects this decision. A brighter room can boost your concentration and prevents you from reaching towards your bed during an important business meeting.


Lastly, the bathroom has marbled white walls and ceramic tiles which makes it look like a hotel’s bathroom. The reflective surfaces help to create the illusion of a larger space and is also easier to clean. The bathroom emphasises on the cleanliness and sharpness of lines, as seen by the choice of rectangular furniture and edgeless mirrors. The clear glass panels separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom to prevent excessive moisture that could result in mould growth. This also prevents the shower area from feeling overly claustrophobic.

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