Should You Hire A Contractor, ID Or Design & Build For Your New Home?

February 10th 2020

There are many things to consider when renovating your new home or hdb. One of the most important factors is to decide if you are hiring a contractor, interior designer, or a Design and Build company? It is important to know which one to pick as renovating a home can be a stressful affair. In case you are a new homeowner and you are not sure what are the differences, let us explain it for you.

There are many contractors out there and you may have heard your friends telling you to pick a contractor because they cost cheaper, are more knowledgeable about the structure, and are more straight forward to work with compared to designers. 

But unless you already know the theme of your new home, and you are decided on the materials required for the look and design, a contractor may not be right for you. Hiring a contractor may be the cheaper option, but it also means you have to be in charge. 

Renovation contractors need to be given specific instructions and be told what to do. This option is the way to go for someone who already knows what they want. Hiring a contractor also means you have to take time off from work and to oversee the renovation.

An interior design, on the other hand, provides all the service. They would sit down with you and discuss your needs and wants. After all, your home is where you spend most of your time, an interior designer would bounce off ideas with you and go through design themes and ideas. 

They would also create 3D designs of your home and do all the legwork including shopping for materials, fittings and furnishings to complete the look. Remember, your interior designer will conceptualise ideas with you, which your contractor will not do. Your designer may even come up with ideas you have not thought about for a design theme that suits your habits and your personality. 

If you are a busy person, with lots of work and social events to attend to, we highly recommend that you hire an interior designer to take the stress of renovation off you, so that you can continue with your daily life activities. Plus, most interior designers already have a team of subcontractors whom they trust and work with and they will also make sure that everything is done according to schedule, so that you can move in on time. 

Last but not least is the design and build option. They lie between the expertise of a contractor and that of an interior designer. Although they will provide free design ideas as well as project management thrown into your renovation package, do not expect them to come up with different design themes and ideas to create a holiday resort like home for you. 

Design-and-build companies have more expertise in the construction aspects of the renovation works as opposed to the design aspect. Design and build companies do not charge consultancy fees for the design.

So, which option should you go for? It really depends on your budget and the amount of work you would like to be involved in. If you are not into design and have no interest in putting furniture, colours and finishes together that match the theme you are seeking, it would be better to hire an interior designer. They will not only manage the contractor but also pick out the furnishings for you. You do pay the most for this option but they will take care of everything for you and all you have to do is to attend meetings with your designer and prepare to move in on the day.

Contractors and Design and Build companies are great if you have a budget to keep. But you must get ready to take care of the design and make sure that the work is done according to schedule. This is a great option if you already have a strong idea of what you want your new home to look like. Contractors are doers, they will not argue with you about the design of your home. They may offer advice on the finishes and structural issues.

Whichever option you choose, it depends on whether the renovation budget or a peace of mind is your priority. 

Interior design firms – 5 things to consider before hiring

Are you thinking of remodeling your house? Want to make your kitchen more user-friendly while also making it appear more stylish and iconic? Do the interior and design need to be changed? Considering making changes to the workplace to encourage high levels of productivity from your staff? An interior designer is required for all these reasons. Here are a few things to be certain of before selecting an interior design company:

1. Finalizing style and budget:

Your house and place of business serve as visual representations of your personality and taste. It's crucial to learn more about the kind of designs and styles that the organization specializes in before choosing an interior design company. The budget portion follows next, if the desired style is available. It's crucial that the style you want matches both your needs and your budget.

2. Life and Experience of the Firm:

It is best to select a company with a solid reputation in the interior design industry. Because they have worked with a team of skilled interior designers, seasoned businesses are typically successful. You may learn more about the services offered by the company by reading the testimonials on their website.

3. Accumulate information about the work done:

Once your budget has been approved and you have decided which company will provide your services, you can speak directly with the firm's executives. Here, you should concentrate on learning as much as you can about the company's work. Look for consistency, quality, and feedback. You may continue if you are happy with the information you have received.

4. Sample designs and sketches:

Try to go through as many samples of the style and design you desire that are available. Request suggestions, then add your own. Your designing needs would be perfectly satisfied by teamwork.

5. Understand SOP (Standard Operating Procedure):

Once the design has been approved, the following step is to confirm the services that will be provided by the agent or designee chosen to represent you. This will assist you in determining and estimating the actual time required to complete your assignment.

Contractor  vs ID (Interior Designers) In Singapore - What's the Difference?

Contractor VS Interior Designers - What Do They Do?

Contractors concentrate on carrying out the project in accordance with the homeowners' directions. The homeowners must be clear with the contractor about their requirements and their expectations. 

Interior designers are design professionals that come to your home, take the time to hear about your needs, envision the modifications that must be made, and then, based on their observations, offer you a preview of how your space will look after the project is complete. As soon as you give them the okay, they will handle finding the materials, hiring the contractor and subcontractors, etc. Every interior designer typically has their own distinct "style" or "flair." To achieve the best results, the homeowner must again express his or her expectations and requirements in unambiguous terms.

Contractor VS Interior Designers - Budget and Pricing?

You essentially pay for the project's execution when you engage a contractor. Even if what you asked for is not a sound design, the contractor will nevertheless do the project exactly as you requested. Although engaging a contractor could appear to be less expensive, the cost of revisions and corrections may exceed your budget due to a lack of knowledge. 

Based on the homeowner's budget, an interior designer creates a quote that includes everything from the designs mentioned to the expenses of the materials to be used, the costs of employing the builders and subcontractors, etc. Given that the homeowner and designer have already discussed the plan of action.


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