Simple Storage Ideas for your Singapore Apartment

It’s no secret that most HDBs or private condos in Singapore are often limited in space. Here are five simple ways to create storage space at home without blowing your budget.

Pick Up Crates

If your bed is elevated and you have room underneath, you can store items you don’t frequently use underneath it. Get a few stationary or rolling crates to store things like bedding or linen, or any other item that you don’t require regularly, under your bed. This frees up space in your cupboards and drawers to house items you use often.

storage under bed

Hang Your Shoe Rack

Instead of purchasing a shoe cabinet, saw PVC tubes or soda bottles in half and stick them together to make a shoe rack you can hang up or attach on your wall. This will free up floor space and also help declutter your living room area. View a simple DIY tutorial here.

hanging shoe rack
hanging shoe rack in closet

No More Tension

Tension rods can be extremely useful in freeing up cupboard space. For example, install these rods in the cabinet where you store your cleaning supplies. This means you get to hang your spray bottles on the rod itself so you don’t have to shuffle everything around to get to the cleaning product you want.

Create More Book Space

Running out of room for your child’s book? Attach Ikea spice racks to the sides of your kid’s bedroom drawers or cabinets to create extra room for books and stationary when his or her bookshelf is maxed out. You can personalize these wooden racks with some fresh paint.

spice rack as bookshelf

Hide a Few Surprises

Don’t leave the space between your wall and refrigerator unused. Instead, pick up a vertical organiser shelf with wheels and use it to store your canned goods, cereal boxes and other cooking ingredients. When you’re done, slide it into the space between the wall and the fridge for a clutter-free kitchen.

vertical organiser shelf