Simplicity in Elegance: Embracing the Beauty of Minimalism

March 13th 2023

High-rise HDB flats have come a long way since 10 years ago. While some untouched HDB flats have retained their rustic charm, newer or renovated flats have undergone a drastic makeover. This diversity in interior design is all thanks to the hardworking interior designers in Singapore.


One such company offering amazing interior design concepts is Creative Studioz. They have a diverse range of designers equipped with the necessary skills to inject new life into an otherwise monotonous space. Here is just one of the homes that were transformed by the designers at Creative Studioz.




The living room is simple. While this may look plain to some of us, the importance of a clean and neat house is not to be underestimated. Sometimes, a spacious and empty room is like a breath of fresh air after a long and tiring day.



We definitely shouldn’t mix up minimalistic with boring though. The living room is still a stunning space to be in because of all the details in it. For example, the marbled cabinets add some interesting visual dimension to the area.






The kitchen is definitely a revamp from the typical HDB Kitchens that we may be used to seeing. The designers factored in both fashion and function for the kitchen as it not only is a beautiful space that ties in with the rest of the home, it also is suitable for cooking.



The backsplash is easy to clean, the countertop is heat resistant and the cabinets are polished to prevent the absorption of odours.


The bedroom adopts a very straightforward layout. You have your work desk, the bed, the vanity, and the closet. Notice how the vanity is placed next to the closet for convenient access to the mirror as you’re getting ready.





The other bedroom is slightly simpler as it does not have a vanity table. The designers also included a table extension from the closet that can function as a vanity or a bedside table. This creative method maximises the space in this room and allows you to carry out different activities.


The elegance of the bathroom fits right into the rest of the home. The stone tiles elevates the space and forms the perfect backdrop for the other components.




The designers incorporated shelves into one of the walls which not only allows the homeowners to have more space, but it alleviates any safety concerns that come with a protruding shelf.

The other bathroom is an immaculate white bathroom that is just as chic as the other one. While this bathroom is smaller, the designers managed to allocate sufficient space, such that you don’t feel crammed while showering. They also created the illusion of space by keeping the space free of clutter.

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