Singapore Rediscovers Tourism Vouchers and tourist attractions in Singapore

Singapore Gardens By The Bay

Singapore Rediscovers Tourism Vouchers and tourist attractions in Singapore

The hype is real! Recently, Singapore’s Tourism Board announced they would be giving out over 300 million SGD in tourism vouchers! This means that at the end of this year, you will be able to use these SingapoRediscovers Tourism Vouchers to do all kinds of fun touristy stuff in Singapore.

Singapore Marina Bay Sands

However, as locals who live in our beautiful country every day, we might not get the chance to be part of Singapore’s “tourist” scene very often. So you’re wondering what tourist attractions Singapore has at this point, this page is for you! We’ll tell you what we know so far about the SingapoRediscovers Tourism Vouchers, and give you a few classic tourist attractions in Singapore.

It should be noted that the attractions listed in this article may NOT necessarily be redeemable from the SingapoRediscovers Tourism Vouchers. The details of eligible attractions for the vouchers will only be released closer to December 2020.

Who will get the SingapoRediscovers Tourism Vouchers?

The great thing about the SingapoRediscovers Tourism vouchers is that every Singapore citizen will receive them! As long as they are above 18 years old, of course. So if you are the parent of young children, they will not be entitled to additional vouchers, unfortunately.

How do I claim my SingapoRediscovers Tourism Vouchers?

To redeem the SingapoRediscovers Tourism Vouchers, eligible Singaporeans can simply login to their SingPass account when the vouchers become available in December. But for the technologically challenged, do not fear! Singapore’s Tourism Board is still working on a plan to make it easier for you to claim your vouchers too! But the details of this mode of claiming the vouchers will only be available at a later date.

How much are the SingapoRediscovers Tourism Vouchers worth?

Each eligible Singaporean will receive exactly SGD $100 in SingapoRediscovers Tourism Vouchers. Each person does not need to spend all $100 at once, though! For smaller tourism expenditures, the vouchers can be split into 10 separate vouchers, each worth SGD $10.

I am not using my vouchers. Can I give my share to my friend or family member?

At this point, it is not clear whether or not you can let someone else use your share of the SingapoRediscovers Tourism Vouchers. More details on the voucher’s transferability will be released in November, so check back soon!

What are some tourist attractions in Singapore?

Ah … the million dollar question. The main idea behind the SingapoRediscovers Vouchers is to buoy up Singapore’s tourism industry. So you can bet that these vouchers will be redeemable for staycations at approved hotels and a bunch of tourist attractions. The Straits Times also reported that the eligible tourist attractions will all have at least a third of their usual business coming from foreign tourists. While the list of attractions that will be included in the SingapoRediscovers Tourism Vouchers will only be released around November 2020, here are some classic attractions you might want to try if you haven’t experienced Singapore as a tourist!

#1: The Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyers

As a local, you’ve probably already heard of this classic tourist attraction. But still, it’s easy to forget how beautiful Singapore’s skyline is when you live here – after all, how often can you enjoy this panoramic view of Singapore’s skyline? For about $350, you can even opt for the Sky Dining experience with your special someone, where the two of you can enjoy an hour-long ride in a Singapore Flyer capsule – with a 4-course meal on board!

#2: Universal Studios Singapore

Singapore Universal Studios

For those of you craving the amusement park type of fun, Universal Studios Singapore (USS) is for you! At present, the park’s capacity is limited due to social distancing measures, so there will definitely be some crowd control for your safety. Whether you’re craving the exhilarating drops of Battlestar Galactica or a family-friendly journey to outer space with the characters from Sesame Street, the park is sure to have a ride for you.

#3: Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, River Safari, and Jurong Bird Park

Singapore Zoo and Night Safari

If you’ve been dying to see beautiful animals, then we’ve got good news for you! Because all 4 of the parks under Wildlife Reserves Singapore have been approved to resume activity! So go ahead and visit the majestic birds of Jurong Bird Park, or the graceful aquatic creatures of the River Safari.

#4: Snow City Singapore

Snow City Singapore

We get it – sometimes it’s really nice to escape the hot weather with a trip to Snow City! With travelling not being an option for many of us now, we can still go to experience below-zero temperatures, ride on ice in a bumper car, or even play paintball in the snow! Even better, if you get tired of the cold while you’re at Snow City, just go outside to thaw out on their rock wall!

#5: Singapore Airlines A380 Restaurant

Singapore Airlines A380 Restaurant

And last but not least, the A380 Restaurant at Changi Airport. For those of you still craving the travelling experience, look no further! For two days (24th and 25th October 2020), the Singapore Airlines A380 aeroplane will be turned into a restaurant so you can still enjoy the on-board dining experience. Screen a movie, shop at KrisShop, and even take a tour of the entire plane before your meal! You will also receive two alcoholic drinks with your meal experience, and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks. Be sure to show up in traditional ethnic wear to get a special Singapore Airlines souvenir!

This is not all, stay tuned for PART 2 of our article whereby we bring you more attractions that you may not know exist in Singapore!

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