Sleek and polished abode by Urban Design House

Designer: Urban Design House

Sleek and polished, this timeless design captures the best of modern design while living in a comfortable space. While this home may not draw inspiration from any “one” style or inspiration, the lack of any overt arching theme allows it to have a timeless look, perfect for homeowners who want a more casual yet classy look.

Living Room

Urban Design House spacious living room

Leading in straight from the main entrance, the spacious living room has been gorgeously arranged to not only look wide, but also inviting. The space and furniture looks sharp, lending the room a dapper look which exudes a sense of soigné. The simple look carries an air of professionalism. With crisp lines fitting perfectly along the front wall, the television console blends into the cabinets, continuing unobstructed from the very entrance of the house. This uninterrupted flow of furniture helps draw you into the room and to the lounging area right in front of the television.

Taking inspiration from Scandinavian styles, the living room carries undertones from this style of design, with neutral colours pairing with wood to create a natural look. The plants (albeit plastic) on the shelves help to add some life to the room, giving a breath of life to the room and lightening the mood.

Urban Design House split dining area

The dining area has been split into two. This purposeful division keeps the ‘casual’ from the ‘formal’. The dining table emanates an air of elegance, with darker tones of a more oaky wood and matte black fixtures goes hand-in-hand with the industrial look here. While industrial looks tend to be darker with orange tungsten lighting, this design avoids this pitfall with its glossier marbled tiling which helps to reflect light more efficiently. This allows the design to continue with its characteristic orange tinge but does not end up sacrificing the amount of lighting to it.

Urban Design House small bar counter

While the dining table may be perfect for entertaining, it may but too much of a hassle for everyday use. Having a small bar counter may be more useful instead for your day to day meals. Just big enough for two to share, the bar counter offers a more casual dining option, from having a coffee, to finishing a quick meal, it makes for a fuss-free and quick meal. Another set of industrial inspired lights hand artistically above the bar, lighting the room up even more. The focus on lighting in this home creates a more welcoming environment, making guests feel welcome and at ease.

Urban Design Houseopen styled kitchen

The kitchen has been well designed in appearance and functionality. From darker tones on the counter top and drawers, to the lighter beige floor tiles and glossy white upper tiles, the mix of tones helps this room avoid looking too ostentatious. Keeping to too dark, or even too light, a tone can sometimes cause the room to look slightly over the top and even flamboyant. Keeping to a more open styled kitchen, glass has been prioritized in the construct of the room to make it appear more open than it actually is. This clever trick gives the impression of an ‘open’ kitchen, while still keeping the strong odours out of the rest of the home. The glass also allows more light in, brightening up the room and keeping it lighter.

Urban Design House dark glass hobs

The darker tones on this side of the kitchen fit the dark glass hobs like a glove. The darker colours make it easier to maintain the clean look of the kitchen, helping to disguise blemishes and stains. Marbled tops and glass backings are also great choices, providing a smooth and non-absorbent surface, especially easy for cleaning oil stains off.

Urban Design House Scandinavian style bathroom

The bathroom once again takes influence from Scandinavian styled homes, but adds a flair to it with a modern and contemporary look. With all shades of brown, a light yellow light source is a much better fit, less jarring than a white light in such a colour scheme. The mirror stretches right across the room to make the bathroom look even more spacious, and adds to the luxury factor.

Urban Design House master bedroom

The master bedroom takes a simple but elegant design and fits it to the specific needs of this couple. Another take to the modernized Scandinavian style, the natural elements make the room appear warmer and inviting. The minimalist design to this room keeps it without frills, perfectly suited for a bedroom where you would want to just lie down and relax. The under-bed lighting works as a great night light, the indirect lighting allowing the room to be lightly lit without the glare of ceiling lights.

Urban Design House walk-in wardrobe and study area

The bedroom leads into a walk-in wardrobe and a small study area. Repurposing the adjacent room to a work area and wardrobe is a perfectly understandable choice for a newly married couple with a larger home. The work area and cupboard allow you to keep the bedroom even more spacious. The sliding door separating the rooms is another space saving option, allowing you to make use of the space next to the door as well. For future planning, the adjoining rooms can be repurposed for a nursery, keeping the babies nearby.