Creative Ideas – Small Space, Big on Storage

A relaxing muted palette sets this cosy five-room apartment apart from most spaces which usually utilise brighter colours to look more spacious. Space is aplenty here, thanks to clever designs and shelving choices. Delightfully uncluttered, the living room features an earthy colour palette that’s simple, yet stylish. While the design follows a minimalist theme, it also features an array of textures to add more dimensions to the space. This includes a feature wall, showroom-style spotlights, and tastefully-chosen blinds that allow just the right amount of daylight to enter the room. Here, the floor is kept clear, highlighting the clean lines and thoughtful details in the space. Glass panels have been installed to build a study area, creating an exciting feature hardly seen in other homes. It’s storage space galore too, with shelves spanning the entire wall, giving homeowners ample space to put their books and study and work materials. The transparent panels gives the room an open-concept feel, creating a pleasant sanctuary to work in.   Sharing the same space is the dining area, a cozy little corner that sits right outside the kitchen. See-through panels opens up visual space, making both the dining area and kitch look larger while bringing attention to the beatiful design of the home from both sides of the panels. The dining table, sporting a counter-top concept, cleverly integrates additional storage space.   Oozing a pleasant rustic charm is the kitchen, with its ash-coloured textured cabinets. A white brick feature wall in the cooking zone gives the space a fresh vibe. These design elements and rustic surfaces expressed relaxed vibes.   In the master bedroom, natural light filters in through the blinds to illuminate its charming interiors. The room’s sleeping area is kept simple to make space for an impressive walk-in wardrobe, built using a partition that enables plenty of storage space. Here, every inch of space is cleverly maximised, from floor to ceiling. Light fittings have been installed in the wardrobe for better illumination.   As for the bathroom, it’s kept functional, simple and open, giving the homeowners sheer comfort as they go about their everyday lives.