Small updates you can introduce to your home 2021

Renodots article- Small updates you can introduce to your home 2021

The old has gone, and the new has come, 2021 marks a new year, new resolutions and a new home design? After spending a majority of 2020 confined within the four walls of your home, it is high time to start thinking of ways to free up space or to give your home a new look. Even if your living space may seem too small to make changes, fret not! Here are some small updates you can introduce to your home in 2021!


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For some of you with bookshelves, it may have evolved into a disorganized dump of books and clutter over the year.  Maybe you just don’t have enough books to fully utilise the whole bookshelf. Restyle your bookcase to inject your living quarters with character.  You will also allow more space for your books. Arrange your books by size and thickness. Place thicker books either at the top or at the bottom of the bookshelf while the thinner books could be shelved at the middle. It makes the shelf look more organised.

Place small decor items on the bookshelf to fill empty spaces. That’s not all, tiny accents can enhance the character of the room as well. Based on the colour of the bookshelf and wall, make selections that aim to further accentuate the general design of the room. For example, a yellow vase paired with a similar colour tone such as beige would allow the bookshelf to act as a captivating part of the decoration whilst utilising the full capability of the bookshelf.


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Curtains can make a big difference in your room. Depending on what kind of drapes you are getting, it can make your room smaller or larger, funky or serious. If you want more light to come in, have mesh or lace curtains and pair them with blackout ones.

If you are looking to make your room a little dressy, consider Roman shades that can be pulled up or down to suit the amount of light needed.

Alternatively, you can change the shade, material or patterns to give your room a different vibe!


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Ever felt that after decorating the whole house, there is still something lacking? Well, have you considered giving your ceiling a splash of a new colour? The ceiling is considered to be the fifth wall of the house. Usually, by default, the ceiling comes in white and often it is hardly given a new coat of paint.

People usually take notice of the four walls of the house. The ceiling plays a subtle role as people rarely look above their heads. However, it can set the atmosphere of the home.  Darker coloured ceilings make it feel lower, lighter ceilings (especially when painted white) make them look higher. Painting your ceiling is especially useful when it comes to smaller rooms. Small rooms can feel big white, or a lighter shade of colour is used for the ceiling

Alternatively, you can go all crazy and experiment with bright and contrasting colours like the image above.


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The dining area is one of the favourite spots for people to meet and chit chat. By having a new set of tableware, you can elevate the style of your kitchen. We don’t suggest getting rid of your old tableware, but purchasing new ones for the new year would not be a bad idea. If you feel that the facelift, donate the old.

Impress your guests by showing off your classy table setting, especially if paired with well-designed tableware. If you want to go a little over-the-top installing a chandelier will give it a WOW factor too.

There you have it! Four small and hassle-free updates to your home in 2021 that can be bought online. With Covid-19 still looming on the horizon, it is a good idea to spend more time at home. And if we are looking at spending more time at home (again) this year, why not make your home a better place to hang out at?

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