Smart mirror hacks to make your BTO flat / condominium look bigger

By Admin , Oct 26, 2021
Smart mirror hacks to make your BTO flat / condominium look bigger

Most of us enjoy having a spacious area to feel freer and uninhibited in our own homes. Not only does it look cleaner and uncluttered, a bigger space can brighten your mood by making your house look vibrant and comforting. If your current home feels restricted, you can achieve this spacious effect through strategic mirror placement and these are hacks often used during renovation.

Full length mirrors

Source: Lemonfridge

Studio Source: Rockin Spaces

Full-length mirrors as a feature wall skillfully blends wall and space by creating the illusion of space rather than a partition. This makes it seem like your room is almost double the original size. Furthermore, full-length mirrors help to emphasize the clean lines of your furniture or decorative piece.

Vertical mirrors

Source: The Treehut Studio

A high-ceilinged apartment lends a sort of grandeur to the apartment and gives it a more sophisticated look. By placing vertical mirrors in succession, this draws your eyeline upward and creates the illusion of a taller room. This effect is the most pronounced when the mirrors are aligned with the height of your walkway.

Tinted mirrors (instead of walls)

Source: Rockin Spaces Interior

Partition walls create a hard boundary between the different spaces in your home. This may make you feel claustrophobic as the space feels small and restrictive. So, to create a more spacious look, do away with the partition walls completely and use these tinted mirrors instead. Not only do they give your house a cozy look, the reflective surface make your room look bigger.

Backlit mirror (for darker rooms)

Source: Karpentree Studio

Darker rooms are increasingly popular because they create a more intimate setting. However, the downside is that they have the unintentional effect of downsizing your room’s appearance. A backlit mirror can help to alleviate this issue. This mirror acts as the focal point and draws attention away from the dark walls. The backlights add to the aesthetic of the room and the illumination creates a spacious feel.

Tall mirrors with slim frames

Source: Lemonfridge studio

Many people are fans of the minimalist look in recent times. Having a tall mirror with a slim mirror fits the aesthetic while also making your room look bigger. By creating an emphasis on the clean lines in your room and giving the appearance of more floor room space, you’ll have the perfect space to admire your outfits and feel unrestricted in your room.

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