Smart ways to conceal your bomb shelter

August 14th 2023

Bomb shelters are a very important part of any home. While we never want to think of the worst case scenario, it is crucial that we are still prepared for it. However, for the interior design enthusiasts, the door of the bomb shelter may be a little bit of an eye sore. While you can’t tamper with the bomb shelter itself, you can decorate the exterior so that it blends into the rest of the home. 


Here, we have some interior design tricks to camouflage your bomb shelter so that it does not stick out like a sore thumb in your home.

1. Wallpaper

Project by : 9 Creation


Wallpapers are a great way to ensure a uniform look throughout your home. It is a very simple solution that can be adopted at any time as it doesn’t involve any renovation works and can be done on your own.


While it may not be a perfect way to conceal the bomb shelter, opting for more intricate wallpaper designs can make it almost impossible to spot the bomb shelter.


2. Mirror

Project by: My Reno Diary


Mirrors help to conceal the bomb shelter by leveraging on lines, squares, and rectangles to break the shape of the bomb shelter so it is not as obvious. An example would be pictured above, in which the use of mirrors has helped to break the rectangular shape of the door and conceal it against the geometric background. Mirrors have an added advantage of making your living room look bigger as well.


3. Shelves

Project by : 9 Creation


Placing a cabinet on your bomb shelter door is a rather common way of concealing it, as well as keeping your storage space out of sight. This is more suitable for homes that have a wall in front of their bomb shelter. 



Project by: Asquare space associates 

Another unique way of utilising shelves is to hide your bomb shelter behind a moveable cabinet, much like a mystery movie.

4. Artwork, decorations and stickers


A fun way to conceal your bomb shelter is to treat it as a canvas and decorate it with stickers, art work, or decals. 

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