Smart Ways to Up Your Shoe-Closet Game

As Asians, it is a known fact that we don’t wear our shoes indoors. Sometimes, we just shrug it off before we enter the door, and at other times, especially when the pair of shoes are brand new, we’ll walk into the entryway before we take them off. More people are choosing to do the latter because:

  1. Having shoes cluttered outside the front door looks like you are hosting a Chinese New Year open house.
  2. It might just get stolen.

Most homes would have a wooden or steel rack to place shoes but let’s face it, today, shoes are not just a necessity – it is a sign of status. Ask a punk with a sleek pair of Adidas NMD’s or Nike Airmax 720; and ladies, wouldn’t you frame a pair of Christian Louboutins?

Then there is another aspect to consider; space!

How much space do you have to dedicate to your shoes? Even if you’ve got a large entryway, you’d want to be wise with the allotted area. But don’t you worry, because we’ve got the best interior designs and furniture suggestions for you to up your shoe-closet game

Under-Stair Storage

Under-stair space

Image credit: Homely Smart

There are many ways to utilise under-stair space. One way is to install a fitted cabinet for a footwear display. Consider rollout shelving so more shoes can be kept in it. One good thing about having designated storage like this, where each pair is not crammed up and or stuffed in a small space, is that your footwear will not be exposed to scratches, dirt, and other damage that can shorten its lifespan.

The classy storage above with frosted glass is a great way to show off your shoe collection. Plus, you will be more inclined to arrange each pair neatly as it would not look nice if they are stuffed in it without care. This is perfect if you don’t have a walk-in closet but want to keep your expensive (probably designer) shoes on display.

Hidden Hanging Shoe Rack

Hidden Hanging Shoe Rack

Image credit: Pop Sugar

Okay, you’ve got the shoes but you don’t have the space. You also want to keep the clutter away without having to obsess about arranging your shoes. Lazy fashionistas, this hanging shoe rack is the answer to your prayer. Turn an awkward nook in your house, preferably at the entryway, living area, or your bedroom (definitely not at the kitchen or dining area) into your makeshift shoe closet.

All you need is a metal or plastic shoe hanging frame that will not cost a fortune, a curtain rod, and drapes that match the theme of your home. It requires low downtime to set up and the final look is super appealing. All your shoes will still be kept in order and easily identifiable.

Entryway Bench

Entryway Bench
Image credit: Decor Snob

This holiday-inspired entryway is home interior goals! If you’ve got space in your entryway, don’t leave it sparsely decorated. There is so much you can do with it; an entryway bench, for example. Perfect to add shelving to keep outdoor equipment, it is also the ideal spot to keep shoes that are worn almost every day.

Adding a pullout rack below the seating area works as it is more comfortable for one to sit, and wear their shoes. Just like a shoe store, this design is ergonomic!

Shoe Swivel Rack

Shoe Swivel Rack
Image credit: Decor Snob

Any taller and this wooden swivel rack will be a tower, but we believe this is the just the right height for it to multitask effectively. Works like a lazy susan, but better. If you do not own many pairs of shoes and do not have much space to cater for them, this shoe swivel rack will do just fine.

Aesthetically pleasing, shoes can be kept away and found quickly. No rummaging through racks as everything is on display. The only motion needed is to spin, grab, and go! We love how it also functions as a table. Add a few succulents or a basket to contain miscellaneous items such as sunglasses and keys so you can also grab them and head out the door.

Plush Ottoman

Plush Ottoman
Image credit: Frontgate

Perfect for the storage of shoes that do not need to retain a certain shape, a shoe ottoman equipped with pockets is a brilliant way to keep clutter away. The space in the middle can utilise bags, pillows, or other items you want to hide hurriedly when an unexpected visitor rings the doorbell. We love this ottoman because it exudes a Parisian vibe, something you would find in the powder room of a princess, with its button-tufted upholstered seating.

Display Cabinet

Shoe Display Cabinet
Image credit: Architectural Digest

How does Sir Elton John’s shoe cabinet look like? Well, you are looking at it now!

For those with a walk-in wardrobe or a room dedicated for fashion apparels, consider a neatly fitted showroom cabinet where you can organise your shoes according to style and colour code. Be sure to have them slanting diagonally to save space. It also allows you to narrow in on the shoe you’d like to wear easily as each design is in clear view.

With that said, don’t you think owning a cabinet like this would automatically earn you bragging rights?

Have you ever given a thought about your shoe rack or closet? Is it protecting your shoes or shortening its lifespan? There is a shoe storage system available for every budget type. All you have to do is be open to change. Allow our list of interior designers craft your dream shoe cabinet according to your assigned space and budget.

Even though a small change may seem insignificant, a clever use of space in the home can change the atmosphere drastically. Make your space functional with smart design solutions Don’t hesitate, click here to get a quote from esteemed interior designers on Renodots today.