Spacemakers ID – Modern Indoor Garden

December 2nd 2022

Spacemakers ID – Modern Indoor Garden

Spacemakers ID beautifully combined a modern and slightly industrial concept with a natural theme. Although these 2 concepts sound like they’re on the opposite end of the design spectrum, the designers at Spacemakers managed to pull the design off in this stunning home located in Yishun.

We first see the worlds collide in the living room. The room seems to adopt an indoor garden concept with a section of the space being decorated with faux grass. The couch on the patch of grass is also suspended by cords to mimic a swing or possibly a hammock. This section of the living room is also surrounded by windows that recreate the feeling of sitting outside on a sunny day.

On the other side of the living room, there is a much darker and more modern take on the space. With an industrial vibe to the space because of the use of dark grey backdrops and dark wood. The space seems to be slightly inspired by Scandinavian homes as well, given the choice of furniture.

While the two pictures look like they are from two distinct homes, we can see that they actually blend together quite seamlessly and the contrast actually enhances the look of the home, rather than confuse and overwhelm it.

A subtle detail that elevates the space is the use of warm and white light. This creates a demarcation between relaxation and excitement. The warm lighting used for the seating area next to the faux grass helps to create a more calming mood while the white lighting stimulates a sunny environment and hence, has a more cheerful effect.

The living room is separated from the dining area and kitchen with the interesting use of black borders along the partitioning walls. This creates a chic and classy look by emphasizing on the compartmentalization of the home.

The dining area looks as though it could host a wedding or Chinese New Year reunion. The space exudes sophistication and class, with its glass tray, unique lighting fixture and one-of-a-kind cabinet. It is perfect for special dinner occasions and hosting parties. Guests will definitely be impressed with the aesthetic and layout of the dining area.

The kitchen adopts a more rustic and industrial look. The mix of greys on the backsplash create a more dynamic look against the light grey cabinets and silverware. The equipment in the kitchen range between black and white, which complement the grey nicely. The matte floor tiles enhance the industrial look and make stains and debris less obvious.

At night, the kitchen has a more intimate feel with the warm lighting that makes the light grey cabinet look darker and more intense. 

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