Spruce Your Rustic Home Decor with Macrame

Spruce Your Rustic Home Decor with Macrame

Have you ever heard of macrame? Maybe you’ve seen one, but thought that it is some stringy work of art. Macrame’s popularity is booming, maybe because people were making them fill their past time (thanks Circuit Breaker), and others just love its bohemian aesthetic.

Just go on Pinterest and type macrame and your feed will be flooded with gorgeous art pieces and furnishings made from jute-like string.

What is macrame?

Macrame Pillows

Macrame Pillows with beige sofa
Image from Annie Selke

Are your sofas looking bare and sterilised? It shouldn’t be!

Introduce macrame pillows to your sofa to add a little spice and art direction to your living room. Macrame pillows can be made or bought, but they are all created after hours of knotting. They are not so comfortable for lying down on, but they sure score points when it comes to making your living space interesting.

Macrame Hanging Planters

Macrame hanging planters are here to stay. It comes aligned with the craze over succulents and other dainty plants that are perfect as in-house plants. If you are caring for a type of herb or succulent at home, placing them elevated on a macrame will not only be fitting for your gorgeous plant, it will be a stunning statement piece for your space.

For those who cannot commit to a plant, there are faux plants on sale in IKEA as well. Grab a few and purchase (or make) a macrame hanger. Decorate your living, dining, or bedroom with one or a few. That’s what we call a real-life hack!

Macrame Wall Art

Macrame wall art
Image from Stylist

A home decor idea you should not miss out on is macrame wall art. Ropes knotted in different ways and with different colours and textures create beautiful pieces of art. If you are looking to enhance your home with a little rustic decor, macrame wall art fits the bill.

Hang it above your sofa or at the entryway into your home. If you are looking for a conversation starter during an awkward silence, you are allowed to tell your guests about your pretty macrame wall art!

Macrame hanging lamp in the bedroom
Image from Pinterest

If you are all for that bohemian-chic style, consider getting a macrame lamp. It could act as a chandelier fitted in the middle of your bedroom. Depending on the design, you’ll get different shadows cast on your wall.

Macrame hanging lights with a pole
Image from Etsy

Or else, you can opt for something smaller like a bedside lamp that will work well for some light reading before you head off to dreamland.

Macrame Swing Chair

Macrame swinging chair by the window
Image from Hanging Chairs

Oh come on, the picture above may be the most inviting furniture you have seen today. A pillow, throw, and a macrame swing is what we need in our homes (and it also can fit into a small balcony).

Many of us have workspaces at home, but how many of us have a nook for a book or a glass of wine to unwind?

A macrame swing chair could be it! Because of the macrame material, it is lightweight but still can hold us up securely. Unlike crescent rattan swings, this material can be exposed to rain and dry well. If you are not keen to put it out on the balcony, this will hang well in the bedroom as it can replace your ottoman or chaise. Another bonus – it does not take up floor space.

Now that you’ve seen the potential of macrame, would you introduce it to your home? You’ll find other macrame furnishings for your home like coasters, chairs, and curtains, but we think incorporating either one of these five macrame pieces is a good boho introduction to any home.

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