Starry Homestead – A renowned star in its field


A renowned star in its field, Starry Homestead never fails to uplift, surprise and utterly amaze anyone who seeks its interior design expertise. Known for their high-quality designs, professionalism and excellent service, they are definitely a promising contender amongst the hordes of interior design companies striving to distinguish themselves. Having established themselves as a versatile and deeply knowledgeable firm, they have an array of design projects for different home needs and circumstances. These include landed properties, condominiums, HDB flats, and even commercial environments. As such, we will be introducing to you a few of Starry Homestead’s stellar products from its myriad of design and renovation projects. Hopefully, they’ll motivate you to raise the bar when it comes to expectations for a new home environment, or even recommend sprucing up a dreary, uninspiring work environment to your boss.


STARRY HOMESTEAD rustic dining area
STARRY HOMESTEAD rustic living room
STARRY HOMESTEAD rustic kitchen

Starry Homestead pulls off a classic rustic look like no other. Not only do they manage to infuse traditional wooden furniture and brown or brick-patterned walls and flooring for their design projects – exceeding expectations in the rustic quality of this theme, but they add their own modern elements for a fresh new take on the traditional rustic theme. For those who enjoy seeing a creative fusion of dark, comfortable, gritty elements with well-paired contemporary furniture and bright colours for that ‘pop’, Starry Homestead has your back.


STARRY HOMESTEAD scandinavian living room
STARRY HOMESTEAD scandinavian dining area
STARRY HOMESTEAD scandinavian dry kitchen and dining

Don’t we all just want a home reminiscent of Norwegian luxury, Finnish coolness and Scandinavian chic? These Scandinavian themed homes have emerged as a popular choice in recent years, mirroring the minimalist trend but with unique elements that add its own twist to the typically monochrome bare-bones style of minimalism. While classic minimalism and Scandinavian style homes both tend to be white and filled with light, Scandinavian styles are less nitpicky about the colour combinations involved in their themes, choosing moderately light colours that deviate from monochrome without straying too far. These muted shades of dark green, grey, tan brown furniture and even the ever-popular parquet floors are characteristic of the kinds of clean-cut, comfortable Scandinavian homes that Starry Homestead is only too happy to provide.


STARRY HOMESTEAD industrial dining area
STARRY HOMESTEAD industrial living area
STARRY HOMESTEAD industrial living room

The industrial style is so incredibly versatile in its professionalism, elegance and crisp no-nonsense modernity that Starry Homestead has designed not just homes, but a great deal of corporate environments as well! Be it for a workspace to get down to business in, a living room with an unmistakable air of sophistication or a corporate sitting room for important guests, the cool grey muted and businesslike atmosphere of industrial style rooms is perfect for almost any type of setting. Starry Homestead has had a fair bit of experience in this area and has even designed living rooms that somehow exude both sophistication through the recognisable ‘industrialness’ we all love and a lovely sense of homeliness through brick patterns, darker patterns and sober-looking leather sofas. Starry Homestead Reviews: To send your renovation request to 5 Ids: