Stunning storages for an Insta-worthy bedroom!

Is your wardrobe about to explode? Too many clothing lying around and accessories all over the place! Imagine in the morning when you are already late for work but yet you have to run through the pile of clothes to find what you need…. Is this how you want to start your day?

Therefore, we have gathered some beautiful storage ideas from Taobao that not only works functionally but also provide a pleasing aesthetic to your bedroom! The items are all affordable and durable too! Let’s check them out below.

Hanging Racks

We are going to introduce you to 2 kinds of hangers that is feasible in your bedroom – 1. Solid Wood Hanger & 2. Hanger with Full-length mirror

1. Solid wood hanger

Solid wood hanger
credit: Taobao

This wood hanger gives you the flexibility to hang your clothes, tote bags or even accessories. The bottom racks can be used to keep your room slippers or you can buy small storage boxes to fill them up with smaller or loose items.

Solid wood hanger with furniture
Credit: Taobao

Alternatively, if you wish to beautify the entire rack you can add potted plants or purchase beautiful rattan baskets like what you see above.

Solid wood hanger dimensions
Credit: Taobao

For those who are wondering what’s the dimension of the hanger, you can refer to the picture above.

2. Hanger with integrated mirror

Hanger with integrated mirror
Credit: Taobao

It is a multi-purpose hanger that is portable, flexible and even comes with a detachable mirror! Similarly, the bottom racks can be used for different purposes. You can purchase additional smaller storage boxes and stack them up on the racks. In such, you will be able to keep more clutters away.

Hanger with integrated mirror beside bed
Credit: Taobao
Hanging mirror
Credit: Taobao

This wooden hanger is a great storage solution for people who love a minimalist or muji aesthetic. For the big piece of mirror, you can choose to attach it to your hanger or place it standalone somewhere else! How flexible!

Hanger with integrated mirror dimensions
credit: Taobao

For the exact measurements of the product, refer to the image above.

Layered racks in wardrobe

1. White storage racks & baskets

White storage racks & baskets with clothes
credit: Taobao

In certain closets, they may be not enough compartments or drawers for you to store your items. Items that you may not wear often like your winter accessories or long-sleeved pullovers.

By stacking racks in your closet, you can sort and differentiate different clothings which makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for, especially in the morning.

White storage racks & baskets
Credit: Taobao

Overall, it looks neater and less cluttered too. With such storage, at least you will feel slightly more motivated to clean or keep them tidy at the end of the day.

Hanger and racks
Credit: Taobao

Alternatively, you can also combine the hanger and racks together like what you see above!

Dirty laundry baskets

1. Nordic laundry bags

Nordic laundry bags
credit: Taobao

A laundry bag is also another solution for people with clothing lying everywhere! It comes in various designs from simple patterns to animal prints!

Nordic laundry bag in kids room
Credit: Taobao
Nordic laundry bag with toys
Credit: Taobao

These laundry bags are not only for clothes! You can use it in your kid’s bedroom to store their toys too. You can even place it in the bathroom to store clean towels.

Nordic laundry bag dimensions
Credit: Taobao

You can refer to the dimension of the laundry bag from the picture above.

Sorting bags

Pink & white storage bags

Wardrobe area with pink & white storage bags
credit: Taobao

Instead of racks, if you prefer a box with cover to prevent dust, you can get these cute storage bags! These bags are good to store items that you seldom wear or use. It is versatile and can be placed anywhere in your room!

Pink & white storage bags
credit: taobao
Pink & white storage bag with handle
Credit: Taobao

These bags come with handles by the side which makes it easier for you to carry. The bags all come with a zip too.

Pink & white storage bags colours
Credit: Taobao

These bags come in several cute designs too! Refer to the picture above.

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