Style Ideas for Small Singapore HDB Apartments

You don’t have a need to hire a designer to upgrade your interior design or a contractor to do renovation on your Singapore HDB or condo. Here are some simple ways to turn your Singapore home into a cosy retreat you’ll want to come home to after a hard day at work.

Create an Instant Garden

One of the cons of living in a new HDB home or private condominium in Singapore is the lack of a garden space. But you don’t have to go without greenery in your home. Invest in a metal mesh wall hanger that you can attach to a wall in your living room. This can be used to hang small potted plants and flowers that will also help brighten up your living room instantly.

shelf with plants
hanging plants in tin cans
hanging potted plants
hanging plants

Home Office Hack

If you live in a small HDB home, you may need to create a multi-purpose space that helps fill your needs. For example, if you have some unused space in your bedroom, turn this corner into a cosy home office. Start by building a desk into the wall and add a few shelves above it. If you need an extra bed, connect a stylish Murphy bed to the desk, which can be stored in the day when you need your workspace, and pulled out when you need to sleep.

Murphy bed
convertible bed
bedroom with study area
wall shelves with decor

Get Vintage

Many furniture and appliance brands these days are creating a vintage or vintage-inspired collections for homeowners. Instead of a big, stainless steel refrigerator, consider a ’50s style SMEG refrigerator, which will take up less space in your kitchen. In addition to its energy efficiency, a vintage appliance like a SMEG refrigerator can help boost your hipster street cred too.

vintage kitchen with SMEG fridge
vintage kitchen with SMEG fridge
blue and white theme kitchen

Narrow is the Way to Go

Bathrooms in Singapore homes can often be tiny. Instead of cabinets, use narrow wall shelves to store your bathroom essentials. These shelves can easily hold cotton swab canisters, lotion bottles and other toiletries you will need.

narrow wall shelves in bathroom
wall shelves in bathroom
wall shelves above toilet
hanging wall shelves

Let Your True Colours Shine

Most Singapore HDBs come in basic white. If you don’t have the budget to repaint your entire home, then simply add small accents of colour to give your HDB apartment a little life. For example, stand a colourful bouquet of flowers in a quirky vase on hall coffee table, add vibrant cushions to the sofas in your living room or throw on a statement tablecloth to your dining table for an instant style upgrade.

statement art piece
statement rug
large wall mural
bright sofa cushions

Keep Away from the Walls

Create a more intimate setting by shifting the furniture in your new home a few inches away from the walls. The “floating furniture” will transform the vibe of the room and personalise it for you.