Stylish bathroom organisation for your ideal abode

Want an Instagram-worthy bathroom but don’t know how to create one? These days it’s all about making the ideal living space that you can be proud of. So if you need some ideas, here are some stylish ways to decorate your bathroom with organising properties. Portable Cart Portable carts aren’t only useful in the kitchen but they can also be used in bathrooms for storage of personal items. If you live in an apartment with one toilet, it may be a good option to use portable carts to store your personal care items so that you can just roll it into another room when a guest needs to use it. It makes keeping your bathroom presentable a lot easier! Vanity Shelf Is your makeup space too messy and you can’t find things easily? Why not create a vanity shelf? Turn your makeup collection into a display by putting brushes into beautiful cups or empty candle jars, lipsticks in an acrylic organiser and your skincare collection on shelves. Add a couple of flowers and trinkets and you’ve got yourself a lovely vanity shelf. With packaging becoming increasingly beautiful, take advantage of it and show it off! Oversized Baskets An oversized basket is great for storing guest towels or personal ones. Not only does it provide a clean space to place items but also changes the style of your bathroom with a different texture and pop of colour. You can even opt for smaller woven baskets to store guest Ladder Shelf Why stick to the norm? Think outside the box and use a vertical ladder as a shelf instead. Not only is it an interesting and unique idea but you can customise the use of the ladder. You could have the bottom bar as a towel hanger and the top as shelves or an empty bottom space for storing a box full of items you want to keep hidden. Under the Sink Hanger Instead of hanging your towels on your average hooks, another idea is to install a bar under your sink to hang your wet towels. This way, you will be able to save your wall space for other beautiful decoration and keeps the unsightly used towel out of direct sight.