Switch Up Your Bathroom With a Few Tricks

The bathroom isn’t always the most luxurious part of the home, but who says it doesn’t have to look good? If you’re tired of your old boring bathroom design, but can’t think of ways to spruce it up, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves. From changing the lights to changing the smell, revitalizing your bathroom doesn’t have to be a renovation affair. A couple of handy switches and poof, you’ll fall in love with your new bathroom style.

Change the Lights

If you thought white lights are the way to go for a bathroom, it might be time you gave yellow lighting a try. With softer and gentler lighting your toilet will look completely different. The warmer lights have a way of making the room look a little more romantic compared to the more clinical effect you can get with white lights.

A warmer temperature light often suits bathrooms better with its cosier feel. The light complements the colour of natural sunlight to give it that au natural effect.

Layer Your Lights

In lighting, there are always 3 layers to consider, ambient, task and accent. All bathrooms would have ambient lighting, from recessed ceiling lights to hanging pendants, these light sources are meant to create the base layer of light throughout the whole room.

Now let’s talk about the other 2 lights which are less common. Task lights are (as the name implies) meant to help you with specific tasks. Whether its to help you shave, put on makeup, or light up your shower. These lights don’t do too much for the appearance of your bathroom, but they make the job you’re doing in there easier. The most important are probably those at the mirror. You can choose from a variety of different types, from bar lights flaking the mirror, or a horizontal bar above the mirror, they’ll give you better clarity in the mirror, making sure you don’t miss a spot.

Now the last one, accent lighting, which are for purely aesthetic reasons. Accent lights under your counter or mirror can add a touch of finesse to your bathroom. The soft lights remove any remaining shadows and even out the lighting in the bathroom, making it appear more appealing. A simple strip of Led can make all the difference here, and the overall effect is quite stellar for the investment.

Try a Shower Curtain

Shower curtains don’t have to be just for practical uses. If there’s something so big in your bathroom, you may as well make it work for the space it takes up right?

This gorgeous ombre effect shower curtain exudes serenity with a pinch of playfulness given its light and fun colours. Do away with those boring old white shower curtains and show your bathroom a little love with more colour.

If you’re into modern art, don’t be afraid to flaunt it, not even in the shower. You’ll love how even the simplest of things can showcase your passions and interest with such little effort.

Image of fun shower curtain

Or why not have a little fun in the shower?

Tiles Tiles Tiles

Image of shower tiles

If you haven’t already heard, tiles are in now. Whether its patterned floor tiles or shower tiles, the basic style is regaining popularity, and it’s not hard to see why. From a simple monochrome two toned style, tiles can really elevate your bathroom to look like something right out of architectural digest. The beauty in this minimalistic simplicity is really quite profound.

Another way to do the tiles is to go all out with designed tiles. With a flurry of different designs and patterns, your bathroom would never have looked more fun. Whether Spanish, Moroccan, Peranakan or anything under the sun, you can go wild with the choice and redesign your bathroom to your personality.

Improve the Ambiance

With a little creativity you can turn your bathroom into your own private spa. Whip up a few scented candles, some scented reeds and you’ll be setting the perfect atmosphere for a peaceful unwind.