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Closet Ideas For Your Home

What type of wardrobes to add to your new bedroom? Should you customise a new wardrobe or get a ready-made one? There are many things to consider. Are you the type who gets bored easily of your furniture? Or will you be looking at renovating and upgrading your home once every decade? It also depends […]

Colorful Wall Ideas for your Modern Homes

Colours can affect our moods and the outlook of a room. It is important that we choose the correct colours for each room to make us more productive and distinguish each room. When choosing colours, remember mood you want to create and think about which colours will help you achieve that mood. Here is a […]

Couch Styles For Your Home

So many couches with so many styles. We know that it is difficult to choose a couch that will suit your home. No one wants to spend extra money buying another couch just to match their home so here are some couch styles to help you out. Remember though that there is no rule as […]

Creating a pet space in your home

Got a pet at home? They are not just animals that stay home but are also our close companions and family. So why not make them feel comfortable too? You can take steps to make your home friendly to both humans and animals. Here are some ideas you can adopt to create a pet space […]

10 great tricks to transform your home

Have you just move into your new home or are you looking to revamp your space? Sometimes, the smallest things make the greatest impact. Today, we will bring you some interior design tricks that can be easily applied to your home with minimal effort and cost! Source 1. Paint small rooms in soft and lighter […]

Your Ideal Walk-In Wardrobe

A ROOM FOR YOUR PERSONAL ITEMS When I am able to afford my own house, I have always dream to own a walk-in closet filled with my clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. Just like how you picture in a movie or television drama, it’s like a dream come true! Every day when you wake up […]