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Detox water for healthier living

We’re told to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day but not all of us like that tasteless, bland water. As an alternative, why not try detox water? Detox water is water infused with healthy ingredients such as fruits and vegetables to add flavor to your water. Not only that, it also helps […]

Learn To Lose Weight & Keep Fit – The healthy Way!

SHED THOSE POUNDS EFFECTIVELY Have you been complaining about your body in the midst of losing weight? Working hard to shed those extra pounds but feel disheartened when you gain back the weight with a single hearty meal? Have you ever wonder, maybe it’s not because your ‘enemy’ is too strong, but you are actually […]

Top 10 Secrets To Drinking Lemon Water

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Dear ladies, are you aware of the secrets of lemon? Why do we have to consume lemon water in the morning? Exactly what kind of benefits can lemon provide? Well, let’s check it out! Drinking lemon water in the morning helps to kick-start your metabolism. It also benefits your liver and […]

Yum Yum – Tasty Egg Recipes

FEELING EGGYLICIOUS Are you mad about eggs? Sick of having the normal sunshine or hard boiled egg? Let’s put on your apron and get started with new and fun ways to cook eggs! It’s definitely delicious, healthy and appetising! Mushroom Baked Eggs Ingredients Eggs (5) Mushrooms (6-8 pieces) Onions (half a clove) Oil (1 table-spoon) […]

Perk up your working life with simple exercise routines

WERK IT . WERK THEM Are you a workaholic? You spent most of your time at work that you have no time to exercise and burn some calories? Well! Daily exercises can help to promote wellness and improve your body conditions. Daily exercises can help to promote wellness and improve your body conditions. Hence it’s […]