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Kitchen Trends That Stay

Kitchens are places where you whip up your meals each day so making sure that its interiors are bright and airy, and going the extra mile to make it user friendly is absolutely sensible. But you want to revamp it with designs that stay. Afterall, renovating can cost big bucks. What are some evergreen kitchen […]

Get These Tiles if You Want Your Bathroom or Kitchen to Last

Get These Tiles if You Want Your Bathroom or Kitchen to Last Imagine this: You are a proud homeowner (yay!) geared up to shop for a new look for your bathroom and kitchen. You go to your interior designer, who then gleefully spreads out their vast array of kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles. Goodness! So […]

Battle of the kitchen countertops – Quartz Versus KompacPlus

Battle of the kitchen countertops  – Quartz Versus KompacPlus One of the chief spaces in the home is the kitchen. In the kitchen, the surface we are in contact with the most is the kitchen countertop. Though it is not the first thing we notice, it is one piece of furnishing that we rely heavily […]

5 Superb Ideas To Clutter-Free Kitchen Counters

From kitchen appliances and dirty utensils to papers and keys, kitchen countertops quickly accumulate all forms of clutter.  Not only does a cluttered kitchen countertop look and feel chaotic, it as well drastically affects your productivity and effectiveness in the kitchen. As a valuable work space, you should always strive to tame your messy countertop […]

Types of kitchen layouts

Open Concept Kitchens The open concept kitchen has gained popularity over the years. There is a preference of being able to see others in the living room while you are preparing a dish. This layout is a way to make your small living area look bigger and more lively with the change in activity in […]

‘Galley’ Kitchen Layout. Learn More About Your Kitchen

GALLEY KITCHEN LAYOUT A galley kitchen is often defined as two parallel lengths of bench space or cabinets that face each other. This layout works well for all kinds of kitchen styles. Many chefs preferred this layout as it enhances safety and efficiency during cooking. When designing a galley kitchen, appliances and stoves are normally […]

Amazing Kitchen Designs For Your Home

THE HEART OF YOUR HOME – KITCHEN Today, we bring you a series of kitchen designs ranging from minimalist, Scandinavian, contemporary to retro. Who knows! You probably be able to gain inspirations and re-create your dream kitchen! Black and White Blue – Calm And Composed Neutral – Ivory, Cream and Gray Retro – Travel Back To […]