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Couch Styles For Your Home

So many couches with so many styles. We know that it is difficult to choose a couch that will suit your home. No one wants to spend extra money buying another couch just to match their home so here are some couch styles to help you out. Remember though that there is no rule as […]

Creating a pet space in your home

Got a pet at home? They are not just animals that stay home but are also our close companions and family. So why not make them feel comfortable too? You can take steps to make your home friendly to both humans and animals. Here are some ideas you can adopt to create a pet space […]

Children Bedroom Ideas

When it comes to decorating a child’s bedroom, the possibilities are endless. There are always new and creative ways to decorate or organise a room whether big or small. Corner work table If you don’t have a lot of space to play around with, you can think about using the corner of the room for […]

Types of kitchen layouts

Open Concept Kitchens The open concept kitchen has gained popularity over the years. There is a preference of being able to see others in the living room while you are preparing a dish. This layout is a way to make your small living area look bigger and more lively with the change in activity in […]

10 great tricks to transform your home

Have you just move into your new home or are you looking to revamp your space? Sometimes, the smallest things make the greatest impact. Today, we will bring you some interior design tricks that can be easily applied to your home with minimal effort and cost! Source 1. Paint small rooms in soft and lighter […]

Popular themes for your home 2017

Thinking of giving your home a brand new look? Here are a few themes to get you inspired for your next big renovation. 1. Scandinavian This Nordic influenced design comprises of minimalist and functional pieces which often make use of wood furniture and a neutral color palette, brightening up the look of your room. 2. […]