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Japanese Interior Hacks To Copy For Your New Home

Japanese Interior Hacks To Copy For Your New Home Remember Marie Kondo and how she introduced the kumari method to the world? Since then, everyone has started on a tidying and organising frenzy. Though Marie Kondo-ing was accepted as a trend, it is a way of living in Japan. It is so ingrained in their […]

10 Types of Interior Styles for 2020 – Home Renovation Ideas

The 2010’s are coming to an end soon and a new decade is about to be upon us. This has been a rather inspiring decade in terms of interior design options, we’ve seen a resurgence of older looks and the rise of newer and bolder splashes. From industrial, to modern to some of the more […]

Popular themes for your home 2017

Thinking of giving your home a brand new look? Here are a few themes to get you inspired for your next big renovation. 1. Scandinavian This Nordic influenced design comprises of minimalist and functional pieces which often make use of wood furniture and a neutral color palette, brightening up the look of your room. 2. […]

Bring Creativity To Your House

PIPELINE . INTERIOR DESIGN Find out how you can think of creative ways to use pipelines in your interior design! 1. Pipeline in the toilet 2. Exposed pipes as clothes racks 3. Pipes as a form of bookshelf 4. Display Cabinets 5. Kitchen Storage 6. Pipelines as a wall decor