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Wall Decoration Ideas

Looking for ideas to decorate that plain wall? Here are some ideas for you to decorate your walls. Whether you are looking for simple ideas, DIYs or even unique ones, there is going to be an idea that suits you. Check out the list below! Frame some photos There is no better way to dress […]

Colorful Wall Ideas for your Modern Homes

Colours can affect our moods and the outlook of a room. It is important that we choose the correct colours for each room to make us more productive and distinguish each room. When choosing colours, remember mood you want to create and think about which colours will help you achieve that mood. Here is a […]

Home Organisation Ideas

Everyone wants a neat, tidy and presentable home. Don’t know how to go about doing that? Let us give you some ideas to organise your home today! The Living Room 1. Have a box for everyday items There are certain things we take with us every day such as our favourite pair of shoes, a […]

Interesting furniture pieces that beautify your home and save spaces

UNIQUE . SPACE-SAVING . BEAUTIFUL Many people complained that their homes are too small. The amount of space for their storage becomes limited especially after all the designing and renovation. As technology is evolving, so is design! Today, we will show you some of those unique hanging furniture pieces that is not only beautiful but […]

Ways To Brighten Up Your Walls With These Innovative

ALL . ABOUT . WALLS . Do you live in a spacious home but feels there is something lacking somewhere? Are you too focused getting furniture for your home that you neglected your plain walls? Today, I will compile a list of interesting and creative decorating ideas for your walls! 1. Using Pots or Flowers […]

Bring Creativity To Your House

PIPELINE . INTERIOR DESIGN Find out how you can think of creative ways to use pipelines in your interior design! 1. Pipeline in the toilet 2. Exposed pipes as clothes racks 3. Pipes as a form of bookshelf 4. Display Cabinets 5. Kitchen Storage 6. Pipelines as a wall decor