Living Room Inspirations 2021

Who knew we would be living in our living rooms more than we’ve ever done in the last year? The reason we are feeling this itch to redecorate or reconstruct the place is because we are utilising it differently than before. What are some living room inspirations for the year 2021?

Living Room Inspiration – Modern Rustic

Modern Rustic living room
Image from Renodots

The amalgamation of natural woody elements with modern design makes a modern rustic space attractive. It brings warmth and cosiness while not neglecting modern luxury. This unit at 440C Clementi Ave 3 designed by Dots and Tots Interior Design is privileged to have large windows spanning the length of the living to the dining area. Natural light from the window illuminates the deep grey walls, dark leather sofa, and rich wooden flooring and furniture.

Change the mood of the space by drawing the blinds accordingly. When night falls, the track lights lining the ceiling brings a galleria-like atmosphere to life. This is comfortable living at its finest.

Living Room Inspirations -Modern Peranakan

Modern Peranakan living room
Image from Brim Design

Your home should be a reflection of who you are. The owner of this gorgeous apartment wanted to showcase his Peranakan heritage, and hence, Brim Design was tasked to get to work. The home carries accents that highlight a contemporary home, but the Peranakan core theme is hard to ignore.

Akin to the pre-war shophouses on the streets of old Singapore, the walls are dressed with ornate and colourful ceramic tiles along with narrow vertical mirrors. The blue, green and yellow stained glass wooden door has been repurposed to function as a partition between the living and dining area. The eclectic mix of the black and white tiles, the white and blue rug, retro leather couch, and the Peranakan feature wall transforms the living room to emanate modern heritage living that is uniquely Singaporean.

Living Room Inspirations – Modern Cottage

Modern Cottage living room
Image from Prozfile

Do you dream of creating a cosy little den for you and your family that depicts the pastoral green rolling hills of New Zealand? If that comfort is what you seek, Alvin Ang from Prozfile has already designed an HDB to mimic one.

An element that is present in almost all cottages are timber beams on the ceiling. Here, you have them. However, to avoid the possibility of making the ceiling feel low and claustrophobic, the ceiling is painted white, with glossy white tiles for flooring.

To depict the country life more vividly, olive green is used on the walls, perfectly matched by muted white furniture; from the television console, built-in singular, and bird feeder-like cabinets.

Living Room Inspirations – Scandinavian Minimalist

Scandinavian Minimalist living room
Image from Space Atelier

Working from home will be the preferred choice when you’ve got a hub that can cater to your work, play, and all-round living needs. Minimally decorated with smart furniture, this space can double up as a study, lounge, and snacking area.

Surrounded by light neutral tones, the living space looks airy and bright. Instantly, you can spot three zones. One is the floating desk area behind the L-shaped sofa where the work hub is designated (probably the place to gulp down a quick meal too). The lounging area is where the sofa is, the perfect spot for the family to get together for board games or TV-time. At the end of the room where the floor to ceiling windows are located, are storage areas that can double up as a reading nook.

To further brighten the space, recessed, track, and pendant lights are fixed to maximise the amount of light even after the sun goes down.

Living Room Inspirations – Modern Chic

Modern Chic living room
Image from Team Interior

This five-room BTO flat in Sengkang might be the chic-est living room in Singapore. Designed by the owner himself, Raja Mohammad Fairuz knew exactly what he wanted. He then created this open-concept area where he marries functionality with a modern chic theme.

Upon entry, you’ll be greeted by a grill partition, a bunch of indoor plants, and an aesthetically pleasing feature wall that showcases wooden tiles arranged in a Herringbone pattern.

The cosy living space then transitions to the island/dining area seamlessly, only divided by rugs and different flooring elements.

Living Room Inspirations -Tropical Maximalism

Tropical Maximalism living room
Image from Free Space Intent

Don’t go looking for holiday destinations to rest and relax. Make your living space a holiday destination!

This Buangkok HDB flat is completely transformed under the creative eye of Principal Designer Raymond Seow of Free Space Intent. Instead of steering toward the highly desired minimalist designs, he approached a maximalist direction consisting of mixed patterns, saturated colours, and the use of excess.

Check out the floor to ceiling flora carving that acts as a space divider and the verdant green wallpaper exhibiting forest foliage. An L-shaped Indonesian daybed and a two-seater daybed is piled with Aztec print pillows of different shapes and colours. The elevated platform is a genius way to separate the living area from the dining area.

The design is self-expressive and personal, using pattern play to communicate play and pleasure.

Living Room Inspirations – Industrial Rustic

Industrial Rustic living room
Image from Free Space Intent

Do you admire the raw elements of nature? Have you ever wanted to unite rugged furniture with sleek, minimalist decor? If your answer is yes, be inspired by this industrial rustic four-room BTO in Tampines.

This open-concept space is divided into three parts. One consists of the living area where the television and the leather tufted sofa is situated. Behind the sofa, separated by a brick and beam partition is the study. Then, there is the dining area located close to the entrance of the home.

Take a good look at the different pieces present in this room. From the old fashioned sofa, the bordered concrete stamped wall, naked pendant lamps, coffee table top made from a cut log, and bare bricks fashioned on the wall.

Living Room Inspirations – Modern Scandinavian

Modern Scandinavian living room

This lovely living room comes with a fan-shaped space complete with floor to ceiling curved windows, allowing those inside to catch a panoramic view of the outside. Design Consultant Lucas Choo of DISTINCTiDENTITY designed and renovated this space with modern furnishings that include a deep grey sofa, black leather recliner with leg rests, and a deep wood-coloured television console.

The setting is simple and sophisticated. The interiors use a majority of white and grey foundation colours as you can see from the whitewashed walls and the gallery of greyscale photos set on leading lines that draw focus to the window area.

Colours from the Prussian blue rug and yellow pillows provide an interesting accent to the otherwise neutral cool room.

Living Room Inspirations – Contemporary Industrial

Contemporary Industrial living room
Image from Versaform

How do you reconstruct an open concept layout? The designers of Versaform combine versatility and style into this HDB flat, hacking away walls and putting together glass zig-zag partitions that can be enclosed or opened when desired.

The two core elements that make up industrial design can be seen here, steel and wood. The wooden Herringbone-styled wall and steel fixtures from track lights, partition beams, and furniture give the room an industrial finish.

Living Room Inspirations -Tropical Eclectic

Tropical Eclectic living room
Image from AWA Design Office

Bringing the outdoors in is a trend that is steadily picking up space among urban dwellers. As residents of a country close to the equator, we enjoy the sun all year round and so do plants. Leveraging on this, the homeowners got interior designer Allan Wang of AWA Design Office to bring in greenery and splashes of colour into their home.

The mix and match one and two-seater sofas spearhead the vibe of the room. Coupled with colourful abstract art hung on its whitewashed walls, the room suggests an eccentric personality while still honing a cosy feel.

However, the highlight of the home is the robust collection of indoor and outdoor plants. Like a tropical paradise, the living room is void of curtains as the plants provide natural insulation while streaming in natural light.

There you have it! A practical update on the 10 types of living rooms that will serve you well in terms of design and practicality. The multi-functional living room is now the hub and heart of the family. All you have to do is to match your needs to your design interest lies and create a living room that everyone enjoys being in.

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