The 3 Best Flooring for Your Kitchen

Deciding on the flooring for your kitchen can become such a headache. With a huge variety of options available, and many different factors to consider when deciding on what to do with, you could easily find yourself paralyzed with information. Factoring in cost, style, durability and functionality, it can quickly convolute the process. Well to help make things easier, we’ve narrowed the choices down for you to the 3 most popular types of flooring options for you to consider.


Classic wood goes well with most apartment styled kitchens. You can keep the same parquet from the living area all the way to the kitchen, keeping the design consistent and simple, without having to change too many details, or risk a huge clash of styles between the rooms. Wood floors keep the kitchen looking clean and earthy, keeping the home looking natural. This would fit different styles including Scandinavian, Contemporary and Industrial.

Scandinavian bamboo kitchen flooring

Bamboo flooring options match lighter palettes and keep the room looking bright and cheery. Bamboo is also very durable, and you won’t need to change the floor any time soon. But, because it’s a softer wood, the floor would dent more easily and you may find chips and cracks if you are rough with the furniture, or if you drop something on it.

Darker oak parquet styled floor for kitchen

Or you could mix things up with darker oak parquet styled floors. This design incorporates style and finesse to the kitchen even with a relatively plain wood. The darker wood options can be considered for mid-century or industrial designs as they complement the darker tones better.


Tiles are another common option for kitchen. The tiles can either be plain or patterned, and depending on the style of your home, a different option would suit it better, but you can always play around with the way its laid, the colours or the designs to create a beautiful kitchen.

Similar or matching floor tiles with kitchen countertops

The simplest and most straight forward option would be to match the floor with the countertops. You won’t necessarily have to use the exact same finish or pattern, but using a similar or matching floor tiles keeps the look of the kitchen congruous.

Matching marble counter tops and floor tiles

Matching with marble counter tops and floor tiles keep the kitchen looking sleek and sophisticated. Choosing this style keeps things classy, yet relatively simple and is guaranteed to keep the kitchen looking good.

Kitchen Stone tiles

Stone tiles are another alternative style you can explore. Like wood, the natural element in this choice brings the kitchen back to nature and gives the room a very relaxed feel. Match this with an early 20th century style of furnishing and you have a very unique kitchen in your home. This option can be a bit risker, since you probably won’t have stone tiles in the rest of your home, but if done right, it can make the kitchen feel extremely homey, like a quaint little cottage by the country side.

Finally, patterned tiles are another option you can always consider for your floor. With patterned tiles, you can create so many different styles, from Mediterranean to Peranakan, or modern contemporary, the list is endless, as are the options for patterns on these tiles.

Spanish inspired design patterned kitchen tiles

Live with Spanish inspired designs with bold and exiting patterns across the floor, and with the décor to match too!

Vintage Peranakan style tiles

Or draw inspiration a little closer to home with vintage Peranakan style tiles.


PVC Vinyl kitchen flooring

Finally, vinyl is the cheapest of the three options in this list. Vinyl has the flexibility of resembling any of the above designs (or any other design or floor style that you want!) at the fraction of the cost. Vinyl is just a layer of PVC stuck onto the concrete to create a smooth and durable surface. While the plastic sheet may not feel like a million bucks, this option could still save you a lot of money with its great versatility.

Patterned PVC Vinyl kitchen flooring

The possibilities with vinyl are endless, and its not too shabby of a choice either. The thick PVC layer makes for a strong and lasting floor, and the designs and colours are quite hardy, lasting the test of time so you won’t have to keep changing them either. Plus, the material is usually water and stain proof, making for easy clean ups and it won’t be scratched either. You won’t have to worry about the floor losing its shine or gleam, just simple surface cleaning will do, you don’t need complex machinery or regularly polishing or buffing just to make the floor sparkle