The Best In-Bedroom Lighting Fixtures for Your Home

The Best In-Bedroom Lighting Fixtures for Your Home

What makes your bedroom inviting and relaxing?

Though many would say a good bed, we’d like to suggest lighting too – unless you have night vision.

Lighting is a crucial part of interior design as it boosts a room’s aesthetics, introducing a mood into the room. Imagine going to a bar that uses white lights – that would not feel like a bar even if they are serving the best drinks in town, would it? Here, we will uncover lighting options to consider for your bedroom, so it feels like you are being embraced in your own space

Bedside Lighting

For the sake of convenience, most people prefer to have bedside lighting. After getting comfy in bed with a book or Netflix on play, no one wants to get up to switch off the lights. Bedside lighting is usually a smaller, more concentrated source of light that helps us shine a light on what we are reading, writing or the other things we may be up to on the bed.

You can choose to have a table lamp like the above. Opt for a yin and yang accompaniment to give your room some character.

Grey and modern bedroom with two wall lamp
Image from iMall

Another great option is sconces. Most people consider it to be only hallway-friendly or suited for formal areas. We say, don’t let that define your style options. Since sconces are fixed on walls, it frees up table space. You can then place the stuff you need by your bedside. Sconces can elevate the style and elegance of a room.

One of the most sought after bedside lighting today is pendant lighting. It is great for rooms with high ceilings. Drop them down over your bedside table, but ensure you leave enough space between the table and the light – at least 35 centimetres.

Cove Lighting

A cove is a coastal inlet sheltered from the sea. Somewhat similar to lighting, cove lighting is indirect lighting that peeks from behind ledges. It reflects the direct light from the walls, floor, or ceiling. Some use it as primary lighting (especially in modern living rooms), but it also can be applied in bedrooms.

An intuitive way to introduce cove lighting into your bedroom is by using LED lighting. Just purchase LED strips and line it to the bottom inner edge of the bed or follow the groove above your cupboard. When you switch the lights on, there is usually a nice balance of light and shadow, bringing depth to the room.

Layer the lights with a standing lamp or track lights, and your room will look exquisite!

Industrial Bedroom with natural touches and cove lighting
Image from Contemporist

Newer LED lights have integrated controls that can change the temperature of the lighting from cool to warm, along with the light intensity from dim to bright.

Recessed Lighting

Loft bed with recessed light and wooden planks
Image from Dwell

Can lights, downlights, canister lights – they are all recessed lighting. Though often used in the living room, recessed lighting is also an appealing choice for the bedroom. It is the perfect choice for low ceilings because it gives the illusion of height.

Sometimes, it can be fixed to illuminate a wall or a piece of art, similar to track lighting.

If you are looking to fix recessed lighting in your room, be sure to map out your lighting beforehand. Think about where you are going to place the lamps, track lights, or cove lighting. If you have a fan fixed in the room, be sure your recessed lighting does not overlap with your fan, or else it will be disco night, every night!

When placing recessed lighting, ensure they are spaced at least one metre apart. If your room is medium-sized, four lights would suffice. You can also fix dimmers to your recessed lighting so you can control the brightness of your room.

Let’s recap!

The three lighting fixtures you can add to your room are bedside, cove, and recessed lighting. These three fixtures can exist in harmony if you do it right – not excessive but complementary to each other. If you have no idea how to improve your bedroom with lighting, we suggest getting more inspiration from our pages regarding lighting.

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