The Perfect Bachelor Pad

The perfect bachelor pad can come in many forms, from elaborate and fancy decorations, to just a simple yet sophisticated look. While this home may be a bachelor pad, it does not lack any of the warmth or familiarity of a comfortable and relaxing home. While the space in this apartment may be small, it has not limited the owner from expertly maximizing the space available. From the built-in shelving across the room, its hard to imagine how he was able to fit all the usual household appliances in, while still making the place look roomy. The look of this home is another homerun. Taking inspiration from classic home library designs, the dark and warm wood create that masculine vibe, perfectly suited for this bachelor pad. The elegant style matches different shades and intensities of brown, from the glossy tiled floor complete with a wooden appearance, to the coffee brown leather sofa. The entire façade of this living space oozes with a feeling of welcoming and belonging, making you feel just at home from the moment you enter. The darker theming of this home (with the brushed matte black joint lines) suits this mature and masculine look as well, exuding a sense of quiet confidence.

Escapade studios Dark theme Bachelor Pad

From another angle, you can see just how much the loft opens up the space in this space constrained room. By creating another ‘floor’ in this home, you’re actually adding more floor space for you to put a study, game loft, library and anything else you want to include inside the home. The perch looking down on the main living space is also a neat trick. The over-hang look of this balcony makes the room appear a lot bigger, just imagine thinking that the room is big enough to have two floors, that creates a really big mental image of the size of this place!

You can also see how well compacted this home was built. Even with one small kitchen, they have still managed to fit a washer and dryer, two cooking stoves, a full-sized fridge and storage for crockery.

Private study and bedroom

If you remember the shelves on the living room wall, they aren’t just static. Serving a double purpose, these shelves turn to reveal the bedroom in this swanky bachelor pad. With the ‘hidden’ bedroom, the place looks even more like a man-cave as you find your own fortress of solitude here with a private study and bedroom.

Escapade studios Bedroom with venetian blinds

To avoid being claustrophobic, the bedroom keeps a design congruent with the venetian blinds, putting texture and tactile sensation across the room with the panelled wood on the back of the shelves, and the wooden headboard.

The study table has also been stretched across the width of the room, giving it a nice size and length for use. The venetian blinds also allow for a comfortable control of light as it enters the room and gives a good and homey feel to the place. With warm orange lighting complementing the natural wooden look of the room, the place becomes a very welcoming and soothing environment, perfect for relaxing and falling asleep in.

Escapade studios bright and cosmopolitan bathroom

The bathroom is another masterpiece in this collection. With a bright and cosmopolitan look, the round sink really gives it that nice modern touch. With mirrors stretching right across the bathroom, the light is reflected nicely and fully to brighten and lift the room.

Escapade studios Walk-in wardrobe

Another useful trick done in this home was to convert the walkway between the bedroom and the bathroom into a walk-in wardrobe. Perfectly placed, you have everything easily on hand, with the clothes for the day fresh and right out of the bathroom. The open concept also allows you to have a quick and easy time choosing your clothes, while also maintaining a comfortable and breezy design.

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