The Ultimate Luxury Getaway Condo

Ever thought of bringing the resort-style luxury into your home? Then, seek inspiration from this warm and cozy getaway adobe by Darwin Interior. It shares a common feature- luxury. The great news is that with the right décor and interiors you can make your home feel like a restful retreat.

Through a combination of contemporary design and homely touches, the designer was able to create a warm, peaceful haven where you can retreat from your busy day-to-day life. The adobe’s open floor plan and soothing palette create the unparalleled feel of a luxury getaway.

Dining area behind cozy seat

The dining area fits seamlessly behind the cozy seat, creating a spacious and inviting space for your family and guests. The rectangular smoked black glass dining table gives the diner space a super sleek and luxurious look.

The array of warm wood tones in the space and the gorgeous potted plant evokes a sense of nature and warmth. The black and copper dining pendant lights sit beautifully as a functional light, bringing a golden glow to your table.

This adobe’s contemporary design is based on simplicity, neutral shades, and clean lines. The space looks simple and uncluttered, yet sleek and fresh.

Luxurious living room

The living room section has a luxurious, resort-like look while still delivering a contemporary vibe. This living room looks comfortable, spacious and inviting for you and your guests to enjoy a retreat vibe right in your home. Wood flooring and wood paneling on the walls coupled with warm light exuding from pendant-style lighting give this condo a getaway vibe. 

The matching cream-colored curtains in the living area feel pretty warm and inviting. With this design, you can remarkably add that homey vibe to this space. The presence of ceiling lights also adds an extra cozy feel.

Floor to ceiling windows allows for maximum penetration of natural light into the living area. What’s more, you can draw the curtains to create some tranquil and coziness in the living space. White on the ceiling and one of the walls reflect the natural light, creating a spacious, airy feeling.

The living room storage setting composition with low dark brown console and black lacquered glass, and wall-mounted flat plasma TV unit; lends itself perfectly to an updated contemporary space.

Getting down to the details, small decorative items and woodcraft are featured around the living area, adding the finishing touches to a resort-style ambience.

The living area boasts two cozy, leather couches perfectly angled for easier communication while their black color gives the space a luxury look.  The wooden coffee table is adorned with a vase full of fresh flowers, adding vibrant color to this space.

The breakfast nook sits on a unique beige wall, injecting a breath-taking pop of color for a sophisticated contrast against the consistent neutral tones.

Breakfast nook

Probably the most interesting spot in the entire living area is this breakfast nook that can also double up as a bar counter. The wood embellishes the space from the stools to the countertop, adding warmth and texture.

The open layout design allows for ample natural light during the day, while the two dangling stylish pendant lights provide ambient lighting to this cozy nook. Not to mention the green potted plants, adding a vibrant color to this space.

Overall, the adobe’s abundance of wood interior and furniture is complemented by a neutral wall, having occasional shots of color. The soothing and natural material palette in the interior exudes the ultimate resort vacation vibes.

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