Things that you need to consider in space planning

When you are moving into a new home or are thinking of redecorating your place, space planning is a key and crucial component before you start doing anything. Here are some things to consider when you are planning your living space for the next few years.

What kind of person are you?

Do you stay at home often? Do you only come home for a good night’s rest? Do you have friends and family over often? Do you like to cook? Everyone has a different personality and different sense of what a home should be. Some people love hosting friends and family so they may want to consider a larger living room area with lots of sitting space for playing games or just a cozy space for long talks. Others may prefer to stay out during the day and go out at night with friends so they may develop their bedroom space more than their living room as it is being used less. The lifestyle you live will affect what your largest living space is and what space you prioritise above the rest. This will help you in budgeting as well as you will know which space to spend the most money in to develop it the most.

spacious living room

What do you hope for the future?

You may be single or a recently married couple moving into a new space. Your living space now may be catered to a single or two people living area, but what about the future? Will there be someone else moving in to help with the rent? Or will you decide to expand your family? As such, you may want to consider what your future living will be like to plan your living space now. If you may need another person to help with the rent, you may want to leave the future room empty or convert it into an adaptable guest room. If you are planning to have kids in the future, be ready to turn your space into a child friendly space and convert a room into a nursery. This way, when things need to be moved, you’ll be ready to change a room easily without hassle.

toddler on sofa

What are the limitations of this place?

Everyone has their future dream home. But in reality, there are limitations whether it be in the money or in the rented or bought living space. Most likely, the limitations are in the space itself. With With a HDB, there tend to be limitations in what you can alter in the physical place due to electrical wiring and water pipes. So before you start planning your design of possibly hacking down a wall to create a studio-like apartment, you should check what you are allowed and not allowed to do so as to save both time and money on your side. You would not want to approach a contractor to hack a wall without checking if it’s a real possibility or else you’ll be charged for their time!

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