Things To Take Note When Choosing The Right Bathroom Tiles

choosing the right bathroom tiles

As the saying goes, “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen”. This seems to be the apt quote to describe the important role that tiles play for your dream bathroom. Tiles form the base of your toilet design and come together to form a cohesive whole that provides the style of your bathroom. It is precisely due to the pivotal role that tiles play that can make any homeowners tattered on edge at choosing the best tiles for their renovated bathrooms. Additionally, there is so many information on bathroom tiles that make the planning and deliberation a further protracted process. However, be assured to know that choosing the right style and tiles for the matter goes a long way in achieving your ideal bathroom. Below we share with you five points for consideration when selecting your tiles.

Safety Tiles

In2space classy and elegant bathroom

Credit: In2space

While anyone would want a classy and elegant bathroom, what is primal to any bathroom is safety. This is in view of the fact that bathroom is exposed to water and slippery tiles, thus making one prone to fall. Additionally, as Singapore edges towards an edging population, it is important to bear in mind on the safety aspects of a bathroom, especially if there are elderly members in the house or if you yourself, are planning to age in your home.

Fifth Avenue barrier-free bathroom

Credit: Fifth Avenue

There are two considerations you should bear in mind: First, large-format tile is good that it is a barrier-free design and helps make your bathroom interior look wider. However, you need to ensure that the tile at least has C slip-resistance rating to ensure that there are fewer tendencies of slipping. Second, a better option would be to opt for smaller tiles as they offer more grout lines that are perfect for slip resistance. Third, you can opt for both tiles in your bathroom design. For example, while you opt for large-format tile, you can incorporate a smaller tile within this large tile frames under the shower to ensure that there’s slip-resistance where it matters.

Cleaning and Maintenance

9 Creation textured bathroom tiles

Credit: 9 Creation

Another important aspect aside from safety would be cleaning and maintenance of the bathroom to ensure that you can upkeep the condition of a bathroom for many more years to come. The following are some tips for choosing tiles for easier cleaning and maintenance: One, in terms of size, would be to opt for larger floor tile surface as opposed to smaller tiles. Second, in terms of surface and texture, is to select glazed tiles instead of a matte surface; and if you opt for matte, to choose one with a level surface. Third, if you like bold designs and patterns in your bathroom design but don’t want to risk having style that would be more tedious to clean, you can opt for the following alternatives instead: e.g. choose patterned tiles instead of textured tiles or mosaics, concrete screed coloured tiles instead of the exact concrete screed tiles and selecting materials like Silestone which allows for seamless designs and enable easier cleaning. Fourth, if you are using glass, do bear in mind that small coloured glass is more convenient to clean than large clear glass.

Choosing a Theme

My Reno Diary simple themed bathroom

Credit: My Reno Diary

Last but not least, it is important that you decide on a theme for your bathroom as it will most likely determine the tiles for you to select. The best part is that there are plenty of styles out there that you can choose from to create your ideal bathroom. Among the trends in 2018 for bathroom designs, include graphic patterns, geometric tiles as well as marble flooring. Your style would affect the tiles that you choose and can pre-empt you and your interior designer (if any) to prepare accordingly. For example, if you select a mosaic tile, one important note is to ensure that there is at least 95 percent contact from the tile to the backer board to ensure that there is a seamless fit. And for example, if you want curves in your bathroom, you would have to incorporate smaller for your curves as well since they are more suitable. With these considerations in mind, you are now ready to start planning for your ideal bathroom. We wish you the best for your dream bathroom!