Timeless & Modern

Creating a design concept for a timeless yet modern home is no easy task. Designing a home which suits the trends of the present and stand the pressure of time is no easy feat. A mix of modern sine qua non was no doubt needed in creating the ageless look, but with a carefully crafted mix of tones and colours, it’s not hard to imagine this home still staying in style for the years to come.

Timeless & Modern TV panel

Starting from the living space, the design employs a mix of grainy dark textures in the TV panel. The combination of the different textures on this panel makes for a comfortable yet sleek look. The design avoids looking polished to the point it becomes intimidating through the mixing of the strips and flat wall. The strips add another layer of visual interest to the design as the varying depths creates a much-appreciated intrigue with the fluctuating degrees of bright and dark areas. Contrasting the grainy dark wall is a charming panel of wood extending all the way to the end of the room. The interjection of this natural element is a welcomed addition, pitting the almost bare wall against what represents life and warmth. The natural veins and unique markings of the wood makes this space particularly alluring to the eyes. The combination of the two stark panels creates a surprising stillness in the design. The clean lines and sleek joining of the with very different styles creates a look which comfortably suits the here and now of interior design, but the simplicity of it all means it can easily be transformed with a few minor changes as time goes by.

Timeless & Modern dining area

Using more muted designs, the home keeps itself flexible to changes in look and nuances as time passes. The simple designs play on the advantage of minimalist living, not having to commit too strongly to any one look, the home can easily take on multiple different styles with just a few accent pieces.

Timeless & Modern wooden deck patio

In this space of the home, the dining area stays cool and casual. Wooden panelling extends from one wa qll to the ceiling and across the room with integrated light strips between the strips of wood. This futuristic look also allows for gentle lighting throughout the room as the lights go from wall to ceiling, providing a thorough yet gentle layer of light.

The patio by the side of the home creates an attractive all’aperto option. With wooden decking mixed with woven chairs, the setting couldn’t feel more relaxing as you unwind as if you were on some tropical beach resort. Even the canopy created is reminiscent of your last getaway as the gentle breeze wafts through the channel from one end of the home to the other.

Timeless & Modern wet kitchen

The dark theming of the home sets itself up for a more professional look which can more easily transcend through different times. The wet kitchen has been constructed with form and function in mind. With granite slabs covering the back wall, the kitchen remains hardy for years to come, easily cleaned and resistant to stains, the space is very effective for its use. Using bold black outlines for the windows, the space is given that homey style of chic European greenhouses, while the stained wood tabletop goes comfortably with the rest of the space.

Timeless & Modern work and play spot

Somethings just never go out of style, and in that list include leather and home entertainment. Having your own home theatre is an amazing way to relax, whether its watching movies, the news or catching up on your shows. Having a private cove in the home to enjoy all of these is always a welcomed option. Integrating a workspace here too, the room becomes a private spot for both work and play. The classic black leather sofa is something that never goes out of style not matter the place.

Timeless & Modern master bedroom

A common motif in this home is the panel of wood strips, and its not surprising why. The use of the natural elements complement the style of modern chic-forward looking design in the home. With the layered wooden panels, the alternating depths of the wood strips allow for visual engagement, turning a plain looking wall into an almost interactive piece of furniture.

The master bedroom is also accompanied with window-side lounging and a vanity space which has been designed with clean edges and a sleek finish, creating that understated but executive style and fashion.

Timeless & Modern rooftop patio

The rooftop patio takes its inspiration from Japanese styles of design. With the largely wood based architecture and use of wooden strips, the space creates a soothing atmosphere. The zen environment is further complemented by the use of bonsai, which ushers in even more natural elements in this space.

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