Tips for Preparing a Nursery

Preparing for a new addition to your family can be a stressful situation for many, especially if it’s the first time you’re bringing home a baby. Having a nursery for your baby can be really helpful, you have a room for them to grow up in and when they’re young, you have all the stuff for the baby in one place, that way you won’t be scrambling to look for a diaper when you need one.

So, before you go off setting up the nursery, here are some quick tips to help you out.

Start Preparing Early

With so many things to do before the due date you’ll find yourself scrambling at the last minute with Lamaze classes, clearing work before maternity or paternity leave, buying extra supplies and groceries and final doctor appointments before the big day. So, keep this in mind as you count down the days and get everything you need early.

If you’re doing this as a couple’s project, remember that as the pregnancy progresses, it gets more inconvenient to move around, so its better to do all the heavy lifting earlier on and leave the light touches to the end.

Don’t Spend Everything at Once

Like all big projects, the first thing you should do is to set a budget for all the furniture and decorations. But with babies, they can quickly outgrow clothes, changing tables and cribs in a matter of months and you could find yourself spending hundreds of dollars each month just to keep up with the child’s growing stature.

When you set the budget, it may be useful to split the expenditure up in blocks of 3-4 months at a time. This way you won’t be overspending each time your baby outgrows their current clothes or crib.

An additional tip for you, if you have friends or family members with slightly older children you could go to them for things that their children have outgrown. With how fast children grow, it wouldn’t be a surprise that someone overbought for their kid.

Flexible Furniture

As an add on to the previous point, buying furniture that is flexible can be an extremely economical decision in the long run. Instead of buying overly specific (and potentially expensive) pieces like a diaper changing table, why just slap a portable changing bed on the top of the drawers instead?

Or, instead of buying a normal crib for your baby, consider investing in a convertible crib. The crib grows and changes according to the needs of your baby, and you won’t need to keep shopping for beds every 3 months as your toddler soon outgrows their crib.

Colour Schemes

Setting the colour scheme of your little one’s home can be a fun thing to do together. Whether you’re sticking to gender neutral colours or painting the room with blotches of pink or blue, the colour scheme is going to be the foundation of the room. From furniture to decorations to accessories, everything will be based on the colour scheme you choose.

Our suggestion is to go for a neutral palette with lots of gray or ash coloured furniture. This is more of a practical decision since you’ll find yourself cleaning up all the time after your baby. The darker colours will make stains less obvious, and the neutral palette gives you the creative space to decorate with accents of pink, blue and everything in between.

Keep it Simple

Probably the most important thing to remember, your baby probably won’t be able to appreciate the room and everything you put in it. So, don’t rack your brains over filling the room with toys and games for them. A well-planned nursery will benefit you as parents much more than it could ever benefit your child, especially in their early years. Don’t forget, you’ll find yourself carrying a crying baby in one hand and searching for something over the room with the other hand. So, avoid cluttering the room with too much furniture or toys, and make it easy for you to move about and find what you need.