Tips For Your Studio Apartment

Tips For Your Studio Apartment

If you’ve got a studio apartment or any other small apartment, you probably are very limited on space. Apartments in Singapore aren’t known to be big, and with the price per square foot, its no wonder smaller and smaller apartments are being sold these days. But if you find your self in a situation where your apartment just feels too small, here are some top tips to maximize the space and value of your space.

Minimalist Living

Minimalist living room

This probably goes without saying, but if you have a small floor space, you’re going to have to cut down on the things you have in your home. Not just downsizing the size of your furniture but going without some peripherals which you can otherwise live without.

With the advent of small apartments all over the world, its no wonder that minimalism has become such a hot style. Keeping what you keep around, and what you leave on display, to a minimum, your limited space does much better. With smaller homes, just a little bit of clutter can easily look magnified and overwhelming.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

When you’ve only got so much space for a bed, table, dining space and all the other usual necessities, having a smaller home can put a real strain on getting all of those together in the space you have. So instead of racking your brains over how to fit so many individual items in, try looking for furniture that can double up for the space it occupies.

You can start small with the furniture you already have. Turn the unused top of your dresser into a small table. Or get a door hanger to make use of the back-side of your doors.

Multi-purpose storage

If you haven’t bought any furniture yet, you can look to trying some more flexible items to help with the space constraints. A murphy bed would be a great investment. Use it as a desk in the day, and at night you just need to pull it down and turn your workspace into a bed. Some models are even designed such that you won’t have to tidy up the desk, so you can just continue where you left off the very next day.

Storage couch

Another great space saver is a storage couch. Make use of the otherwise wasted space below the seats for some nifty and easily accessible storage. This also helps maintain a minimalist look, since you won’t have too many things lying around the home.

Think Vertically

Overhead cupboards and shelves in living room

While your floor space may be limited, don’t forget that your home is three dimensional. Overhead cupboards and shelves are probably one of the most important pieces of furniture to have in your home if you’re looking for extra storage or display space. If you’ve got cupboards, consider expanding them to the ceiling. This not only makes for more usable space, but the floor-to-ceiling look will confer a sense of grandeur to the room as well.

Another possibility is to have some of the normally ‘grounded’ appliances installed on the ceiling instead. For example, instead of a standing fan, use a ceiling fan which allows you to free up the space on the floor, and could also provide better ventilation.

Go Bold with Colour

Bolder palette kitchen

Now with a studio home, you won’t be able to furnish your home with too many decorations or items without making it feel claustrophobic. So instead of creating impact through these installations, you can try brighter and bolder colours. While it may be tempting to stick to a neutral palette since you will be using a minimalist style anyways, because of the lack of space, these designs are often underwhelming and even forgettable.

Bright accent kitchen

Instead, try using bold and bright accents against darker backgrounds. The contrast created will take the attention away from the size of the room and guests will instead be attracted by the vibrant colours all over. The advice here is to avoid your usual neutrals like white and greys and go for a palette that’s a little more exciting.

Have a Big Mirror

Big mirror at entry way

The number one trick in small homes, have a big mirror. The mirror makes the room look much bigger than it actually is. This simple visual illusion tricks you and your guests into imagining the perimeters or the room being much bigger than it actually is. This lets you feel less claustrophobic and more at ease.

The mirror should be somewhere central in the home, preferably in the common spaces like the entry way, or even behind the TV panel. If you can get an infinity like finish to it that would be the best. Strategic placement will let the smallest parts of your home seem decently sized, and the normal parts of your home look a lot bigger. It can even be the surface of your cupboard doors if you want to really maximize the space

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