Tips on how to make moving in a breeze

So, the day is fast approaching when you can finally move into your new home! You’ve gotten the TOP; renovations are all done and the big day is coming up on the calendar. Moving can be a fun and exciting process for some, but for many, this hectic chore is often the bane of the first few days or even weeks of shifting to a new place. Having to pack up your life from one place and relocate to another may be a huge hassle, and very disruptive to your normal flow of life, but here we’ve got some tips to help you breeze through the entire moving process.

Prioritise your packing

Before you even start to move, you’d have to pack up your old home, and this means having to get everything out and into boxes. This can be the trickiest part of moving because you’re going to have to keep things away and unusable, and once you move, it will take you awhile before you unpack them and can use them again. To make the entire process easier for you, we suggest you pack according to your rooms, and prioritize the packing.

If you’re a work from home person, then your home office should be the last thing you pack up, and the first thing you unpack once you move. This ensures that you’ll have as little downtime as possible. Similarly, you may want to pack up non-essential items earlier like if you can afford eating out for a few days, maybe you can pack your kitchen earlier in the week.

Pack According to the Room

Finally, it’s also very helpful if you pack according to the rooms. Whether it’s a bedroom, kitchen, or living room, chances are once you move, the items will return to the same room. Keeping them, all together just makes the unpacking process easy.

Label, label, label!

It will help to label the boxes you’re moving. If you’ve got a lot to move, maybe index the boxes and create a list of items so you can easily identify where each item is after the move.

Image of labelled box

Alternatively, label the box directly. Keeping the contents of the box right on the outside will make it a breeze when you’re looking for certain things and is especially useful if you’re only doing a small move.

Have a 1st Day Box

Image of 1st day box

Always have a 1st day box ready. This box should have everything you need for your first day at your new house, from toilet paper to soap to toothbrushes, whatever you need to survive the first day (or first few days) should be inside this box.

Keep this box easily accessible, and make sure you put it somewhere prominent the moment you enter the home. Because, come the end of the day, your tired and annoyed self will be extremely grateful that everything they need to clean up and turn in for the night is already prepared.

Always Have a Toolbox

Last in, first out. Your toolbox is the single most useful thing you would have when moving. From screw drivers to mounting tape to nails and hammers, you will inevitably need to use some tools to help you pack up when you move, and you’ll most definitely need it to help set up your new home.


A controversial topic, should you set up the wifi immediately when you reach your new home? Presumably it would be working when you come in, but wifi can be both a great help, and also a huge distraction. If you foresee yourself needing to go online and look at some instructions or videos on installation, then yes, set up your wifi ASAP so you won’t have to run back and set it up halfway while installing something.

But if you know you’re going to get hooked on social media, youtube or some other distractions, its probably best to keep the wifi off until you’re more or less ready to rest and relax.

Scope Out your New Neighbourhood

It goes without saying that you should look at the neighbourhood you’re moving into. But more than just the amenities and public transportation, take a look at what you can make use of for the first few days or weeks after moving in.

For example, if there’s a nice supermarket just 5 minutes away, you can cut down on how many supplies and groceries you’re shipping over. This makes moving easier, and you won’t have to stock up on supplies right before you move (just use up what’s left).

Plus, you should also check out the food options you have there, since its unlikely that you’ll be able to get your kitchen up and running from day 1. You can also check out those useful delivery services (Grabfood, Foodpanda, Deliveroo), and check out who delivers to your new address to make sure all your meals are taken care of.

Order of Unpacking

While it goes without saying, important things are unpacked first, what should you unpack next then?

Well, it depends on your priorities, if you’d rather start cooking soon, then pushing the kitchen up higher on that list would probably make sense. But if you’re going to want to set up your workspace, then definitely prioritise your study.

Generally, you would want to make your first priority the bedroom and toilets. Why? Well, you’ll definitely need to use the both of them by the end of the day! And why leave them to the last minute, the last thing you want to do is to be tired out from unpacking the living room and realise you can’t rest yet because the bedroom hasn’t been set up!

Keep the Cleaning for Later

Image of cleaning up

While its tempting to clean as you go, might we suggest that you leave the cleaning for after you’ve unpacked? Common areas like the living room and dining area will get messy, dusty and dirty as things are shifted and moved through them, and it doesn’t make sense to constantly clean it up as you go along.

However, you may want to clean up individual rooms as they finish being unpacked, especially the bedroom, since this lets you get to rest even more quickly.