Tips On Styling Your Kitchen Countertop

March 14th 2023

Finding space on your kitchen countertops to display both appearance and functionality can prove to be a challenging task. After all, there are many things you have to consider, such as kitchen equipment that you need to use on a daily basis, which normally takes precedence over ornamental items. 


However, this does not mean that you need to sacrifice stylish and attractive items that will brighten up your kitchen with splashes of colour, varying textures and at the same time, even add functionality to your kitchen. There are many different methods to strike a balance between appearance and functionality for your kitchen countertop. 


Read on for more suggestions as to how you can add to your kitchen countertops to make them look exquisitely styled. 

Tip 1: Draw Attention and Leave a Big Impression With Statement Items

One way you can style your kitchen countertop is to draw attention to the countertop with unique statement items. And, not to worry, making a statement with your décor does not need to involve purchasing expensive furnishings. Nor does it need you to have multiple different objects on display on the countertop. 


In fact, just by having a simple statement piece as the centrepiece of your kitchen countertop and without sacrificing functionality, you can introduce an element of sophistication and elegance to your kitchen area, which will definitely make your kitchen space pop. For instance, you can consider personalising your kitchen countertop with a singular, unique statement piece. 


Just like in the picture above, the uniquely designed vase becomes the statement piece of the kitchen countertop. And introducing greenery in a bespoke vase into your kitchen, is a great way to accessorise and spruce up the space by adding a soft, comforting contrast to a clean, white kitchen area. 


Not only does this leave the countertop looking pristine and uncluttered, but it also leaves space for your kitchen essentials, such as knives and dishes, to be put on display. At the same time, the main statement piece still fits well in the kitchen and does not look out of place. Essentially, turn to statement pieces to complement and make your kitchen look more stylish.

Tip 2: Try Out Display Trays for Your Kitchen Needs

Another fun and inexpensive way to style your kitchen countertop is to incorporate unique display trays into the area. While this tip may sound simple, it is a tried and tested method used by many. In fact, it is a lovely way to showcase kitchen items that you need on the countertop for convenience but still want them to appear pleasant to the eyes. Placing multiple essential items on a display tray, helps to group such objects together and makes the collection of items appear deliberately curated and well-organised. 


This way, the variety of objects on your kitchen countertop look like they belong in the area without visually cluttering up your kitchen countertop or seemingly taking up any unnecessary space. Here is another tip if you want your added display tray to enhance the rustic feel of your kitchen: use wooden display trays. On the other hand, if you are going for a timeless and chic look, gold-plated trays would be a better option for display trays to achieve that look. Essentially, making use of uniquely designed display trays is a great way to spruce up the looks of your kitchen countertop while giving you the benefit of added convenience.   

Tip 3: Consider Using Functional Yet Sophisticated Kitchen Accessories 

One useful way to make your kitchen countertop appear more put-together is to invest in functional kitchen items that can double as décor. Spending more to purchase kitchen essentials like elegant pots, cutting boards, and other kitchen gadgets may fulfil a double purpose of bringing both aesthetics and practicality to your kitchen. 


For example, having copper pots and pans, like in the image above, as functional yet sophisticated accessories is a great way to style up your kitchen. Simply putting them in a visible location on display is a great way to decorate your kitchen and spruce up the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. In fact, not only do copper pans function well as a cooking tool, but they also have a distinctive and stunning shine that makes them stand out, even from far away. 


If you own such pans, hang them in a prominent location or place them on your kitchen countertop to help the area look more eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing then. For kitchens with wooden features or a farmhouse flair, copper items pair beautifully with such an interior kitchen design and can help complete the look. At the same time, placing your sophisticated kitchen accessories on the walls or kitchen countertop can also make them more accessible and convenient for use. 


For homeowners leaning towards creating a retro appeal in their kitchen, having appliances that mix major vintage design features with a clean contemporary look can help to achieve just that. For instance, retro kitchen accessories like toasters frequently feature a curved look and feel and often come in funky and eccentric colours like red or green. 


And such retro kitchen accessories, such as the one in the image above, also fit perfectly on kitchen countertops and can enhance the visual appeal of the kitchen to the next level. So, if you want your kitchen to look beautiful and also be functional, you can consider purchasing such aesthetic and practical kitchen appliances for your kitchen countertop!

Tip 4: Have A Fruit Bowl Put On Display


Having a fruit bowl as a delectable centrepiece is a great addition to your kitchen countertop. For those who enjoy eating fruits, having a fruit bowl is a delightful way to store a mix of different fruits, while also adding a splash of colour to the kitchen to help liven the area up. The variety of colours having a fruit bowl as a centrepiece provides helps to modify the general ambience of the kitchen to feel more vibrant. 


Not only that, but it also brings visual attention to the centre of the countertop, which helps to take eyes off the less appealing or cluttered parts of the kitchen space. Fruit bowls come in a wide variety of prices, functions, and sizes, so selecting the perfect bowl for your kitchen should prove to be a straightforward task! Fruit bowls are simply an amazingly convenient way to spruce up the area and save space for other items, so why not give this idea a go? 

Tip 5: Add Overhead Light Fixtures Over Your Kitchen Countertop 

A sure-fire way to draw eyes to your newly renovated kitchen countertop is to place overhead lights right above your countertop. One of the most frequent mistakes that people make when designing their new home is to place light fixtures over flooring rather than over areas like countertops or dining spaces. Having light fixtures placed properly and right above the kitchen countertop can help fight unwelcome shadows and better illuminate the cooking space, making your kitchen feel more functional and pleasant. 

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