Tips for a small, minimalist kitchen

By James Frankurt , Oct 26, 2018
Tips for a small, minimalist kitchen

Credit: Two Dots Interior

Having a well-equipped and functioning kitchen is always handy in Singapore. Eating out is not always the healthiest option, nor is it always the best decision for your wallet. Being able to cook at home also gives you more options for entertaining guests, whether celebrating a special occasion at home, or having friends over for a meal, home cooked food always makes your guests feel welcomed. With BTO flats shrinking nowadays, the kitchen area has decreased over the years, with less emphasis on a big kitchen in the home to make way for the other rooms. So if you are thinking of renovating your existing home, or you’re looking to design the layout of your new flat, it is important to consider the size of the kitchen, and how you can maximize the amount of space you have with these tips.

Use built in fixtures

Having appliances built into the walls or cupboards not only saves you space on the counter tops, but keeps the kitchen looking neat and tidy. Whether you’re considering having an oven, microwave, dishwasher, or any other kitchen appliance, try integrating it into the design of the cupboards. Having countertop appliances take up precious space on the shelves. And if not kept neatly, they can end up making the kitchen look like a mess.

Built in oven fixtures
In2space wooden cupboards and marble countertops

Credit: In2space

Use an island

Many people may argue that a kitchen island takes up unnecessary space in the space constrained kitchen. But if you are able to maximize the use of that island, it becomes a space saving masterpiece. Having an island that can act as a preparation table, dining table, and drawers will maximize the space and functionality of the available space in the kitchen.

White minimalist kitchen island

Gorgeous kitchen island with a sink, space to prepare food and an induction hob plus drawers for storage on the side. Not only that, the island helps to maintain the minimalist design of the kitchen with drawers and cupboard space to keep all your kitchen utensils neatly and out-of-sight.

Get rid of the unnecessary

When redesigning your kitchen, stop to think, “How often do I use this”. You may come to realise that you have one too many pots, or too many mismatching set pieces for the kitchen. While some items may have sentimental value, you shouldn’t hoard and keep plates or devices that you never use. They may be old and crummy after years of use, or just have gone out of fashion and it does not match the current aesthetic of the kitchen or the other tableware you use. Start to throw out, or keep away, these old utensils and only keep what you constantly use. You will start to find that you can survive with way less than you first thought. What’s the use of this?

Stainless steel egg slicer

Think about the last time you used that egg separator instead of just separating the yolks with your hands, or how many pots do you really need in your kitchen, do you really need a 20-inch pot and a 16-inch pot? How about the egg slicer you bought online, when did you last use it compared to when did you last use a knife to cut your eggs? Think bigger too, do you really use that toaster? When was the last time you needed to blend something? Declutter your kitchen and you’ll find that it gets easier to keep it looking sharp even with limited space. Don’t just keep gadgets and appliances just because you’ve already bought them. Sometimes all they do is take up space on the counter when they can do just fine kept away in the store.