Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Organized

How many times have you cooked but wound up spending more time looking for things than cooking? It can be frustrating rummaging through the drawers and cabinets looking for what you need, especially when you’ve got a hot pot on the stove. Keeping your kitchen well organized can be the trick to making cooking at home a breeze.

Behind the Door Organizers

Make the most of the space you need with some cool tricks you can use on the inside of your cabinets. Like above, you can stick on a small corkboard to pin up your often-used utensils. Keep your measuring spoons available in a pinch by putting them opposite your spices and baking needs.

Another way is to keep the pot lids stuck to the inside of the doors as well. This lets you stack up your pots and pans for easy and simple storage, all while making sure the lids and covers are always available.

If you’ve ever seen one of these hanging shoe organizers, you should know they can be used for more than just shoes. Keep your cleaning materials organized and easy to access by hanging them in their own individual pockets. This keeps your shelves clutter free, and makes for more room for other things you want. 

In-Cabinet Organizing

If you think just keeping your things in the right cabinet is all that you can do, think again! By having in-cabinet organizers you’ll be able to keep the cabinets neat and tidy, making sure that you can see everything at a glance and you never need to fumble through a messy cabinet again.

Bottles are notorious for being easy to knock over, and once one falls, you can easily get a domino effect, and a huge mess to clean up after. By stacking them on their side, you can easily see each and every bottle at once, and you can get any one of them without having to reach past and knock over any other.

When you’ve got a mountain of Tupperware’s your kitchen cupboards very quickly dissolve into a huge clutter, with bottoms missing lids and lids missing bottoms. Avoiding this headache can be pretty simple, first, have some organizer to keep all of your Tupperware together. Next, stack up the same sized containers and lids together, this lets you get a matching set together every time you need one, and you won’t be running all over, looking for that one lid that went missing.

Vertical Pull-Out Compartments

Probably an idea for your next kitchen reno rather than a quick fix for organization, vertical pull-out compartments are features which have been gaining traction over the past few years. Instead of covering up the little weird chunk of space left over in the kitchen, you can now turn it into an additional compartment.

Whether its for plates, chopping boards, spices or any other miscellaneous items you want, the possibilities with this can be endless.

Pull-Out Trays

Similar to vertical pull-out compartments, pull out trays are another up and coming trend in kitchens. Pulling out the tray of items as is, the concept lets you get those hard to reach things right at the back of the cabinet with ease, and without having to slowly remove everything in front of it before you can safely take it out.

Less of an organizational improvement than an improvement in convenience, the pull out trays also look pretty stylish and modern, giving your kitchen a sleek finish.

Utensil Rack

Combination utensil racks are another popular addition to modern kitchens. While the usual style suits farmhouse and country styled homes better, the racks are great for keeping plates, bowls and cups quickly and easily accessible, while keeping the kitchen looking neat and tidy.

With these plate racks, you can even double them up as drying racks in preparation for the next use of your utensils. This way, you won’t have to keep putting them in and taking them out of the drawers each time you want to use them!