Tips to maximise your condominium’s storage space

June 21st 2022

Tips to maximise your condominium’s storage space

Condominiums usually come with excellent facilities, such as a pool, tennis / badminton courts and a layer of security that may not come with regular HDBs. However, most of them tend to be slightly smaller than the average apartment. This may be a concern for current or prospective homeowners. But, there is no need to fret as there are always ways to maximise the storage space you have! If you’re afraid that you might not have enough storage space in a condo, we have some tips for you that can squeeze the potential of your home.

1.    Make use of your wallsBy this, we mean that you can make use of an entire wall space for shelving as this is a great organisational piece of furniture that can help you de-clutter and make your home look neat. If you prefer something a bit more minimalistic or decorative, these single wall shelves are useful for displaying knick knacks and trinkets. 

If you have specific hobbies, such as biking, then wall brackets can help you store your equipment without taking up too much space. But, always seek permission first before carrying out any renovative work.

2.    Foldable furnitureFoldable furniture can be compacted into a very small space to be stored when they’re not in use. This is useful for furniture that may not be used very often. For example, a dining table for guests may not be needed every day. So, if you ever need the extra space, you can fold the table right up and open up the space for other uses. 

Foldable furniture may also serve multiple functions, such as this sofa bed that also contains a display rack. This ergonomic design reduces the need for multiple pieces of furniture that can take up a lot of precious room space.

3.    Containers: nesters and squares

Nesters are basically containers that can be stacked on top of one another or stored within each other, sort of like a Russian doll. It’s quite easy to see how this can save you a lot of space as they can be condensed into the size of a single container than multiple containers.

Side note: opt for square containers because they are more space-savvy than round containers!

4.    Invest in food and clothes organisers

Food organisers can turn your pantry into a well-stocked grocery shop because of the neatness and accessibility of everything. This allows you to identify whatever you need immediately and you can easily keep track of whatever food items you have, or need to stock up on. 

If you are short on space, clothing organisers can save a lot of space, especially if you’re not the most effective clothes folder. You can easily sort your clothes in each basket or storage bag and access it at any time. Of course, the downside is that if you have similar looking clothing items then you may not be able to differentiate it immediately. 

If that is the case, then perhaps a pull-out clothing drawer may be more useful so you can sieve through your clothes!

In both cases, a proper labelling system will come in very handy.

5.    Look for spaces around your cabinets

Unless you opt for customized furniture, it is likely that there are small spaces between your cabinets and your walls. Instead of leaving the awkward gaps for decorations, which may end up collecting dust, install some form of storage space to truly maximise your room. 


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