TOP 10 Interior Designers To Check Out In Singapore

Recently secured a flat and at a loss of what to do? Or perhaps you are seeking a fresh new look for your home but have no idea how to execute your desires. It is not uncommon for homeowners to feel confused and disoriented by the cacophony and multitudinous options available to them. As such, many turn to interior designers for guidance amidst the chaos that home renovation can be for expert advice and an efficient way to make their dream home a reality. Here are the top 10 interior designers we recommend who are sure to spruce up your home flawlessly in no time!


Fineline living room
Fineline living room

Fineline Design has an impressive decade of experience in interior design and project management under its belt, managing residential, commercial and private housing re-construction projects. Not only is their home design effortlessly contemporary, but it also is well-known for its focus on after sales service for its customers. Through close engagement with customers’ design requirements to suit their lifestyles, they conceptualize, develop and execute high-quality workmanship and innovative ideas. Address: 441 Balestier Road, Singapore 329820 Contact: +65 65700040 Reviews:

In Interior

In Interior living room
In Interior living space

In Interior is one of the best interior design firms in the market, breathing new life into the industry and breaking conventional norms for furnishing styles and orientations. As a firm that prides itself on efficiency and sustainability, In Interior is one of the most systematic interior design firms in Singapore that is quick to change and a trend-setter in the market. Address: 65 Sims Avenue, Singapore 387418 Contact: +65 88129699 Reviews:


In2space living room
In2space living room

In2space has been a popular choice amongst homeowners for over twenty years as a long-timer in the interior design game that is still going strong. With an established brand and work ethic that still wows its customers, its design experts take on new projects with dexterity and creativity, continuing its legacy of quality renovation and service. Furthermore, its craftsmanship tends to be long-lasting as well as beautifully modern and eccentric in the best way, drawing even the younger crowds to its expertise. Address: 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 588177 Contact: 6463 7727 Reviews:


IDees white living room
IDees modern bathroom

IDees evidently develops state-of-the-art designs that look luxurious and straight out of a dream, being able to pull off both industrial-business styled homes and modern grandeur alike. Their good work in the interior design field is not only validated by how stunning homes look after their transformation, but by customers’ reports of satisfaction and affordable pricing. As such, if you are hunting around for a value-for-money interior design firm that produces brilliant results, IDees is where you should look. Address: 69 Ubi Road 1, Singapore 539939 Contact: +65 6509 9931 Reviews:

Design 4 Space

Design 4 Space living room
Design 4 Space kitchen

Design 4 Space has a glowing reputation for its renovation work, especially with regards to the current popular styles it follows in its ideation as well as the actual workmanship of the design. Their designs are intricately patterned and weaved together as seen above, with various textures, colours and seemingly contrasting styles layered and mixed together. In this process, they manage to distinguish themselves as a firm with solid ideas and trustworthy service. Address: 140 Paya Lebar Road, Singapore 409015 Contact: +65 6456 9919 Reviews:

Des & Co

Des & Co living room
Des & Co living room

Des & Co is a perfect choice for someone who desires a sensible interior design firm that has its head firmly on its shoulders and will produce commendable work regardless of the circumstances. They are renowned for their design excellence, responsibility and sustainability in order to create innovative designs that are smart, inspired, and tailored to the individual. In engaging them, you are sure to have your lifestyle needs and preferences carefully taken into account in the design execution process. Address: 469 MacPherson Road, Singapore 368186 Contact: +65 6288 2388 Reviews:

Starry Homestead

Starry Homestead kitchen area
Starry Homestead living room

A master at creating homely and warm home atmospheres that are simultaneously sophisticated, Starry Homestead knows how to cover all bases. Its designers are creative, dedicated, and able to make magic even when given little material to work with. In that course, they are extremely reliable, full of ingenuity and confident enough in their trade to guide customers who may feel lost as to what their desires and needs are for a home. Address:  511 Balestier Road, Singapore 329849 Contact: +65 6264 6866 Reviews:

ID Gallery

ID Gallery tv feature wall
ID Gallery living and dining

ID Gallery bucks the trend in its openness to design a variety of layouts for a multitude of different purposes. It is not afraid to explore simplicity and to be experimental in design when the time calls for it – a trademark after their years of experience in the industry. A homegrown brand, they have certainly built a strong reputation for well-liked, well-executed designs. Address: 65 Ubi Road 1, #01-78, Oxley Bizhub, Singapore 408729 Contact: +65 63416100 Reviews:


Weda dining area
Weda industrial living room

Known for classically elegant, sophisticated yet trendy designs, Weda is your go-to firm for if you want a home that will not only look pleasant, but absolutely floor any guest who steps into the room. With a solid work ethic, Weda is well-equipped to assist you in your home design needs from start to finish, and believe in achieving the best results possible by understanding your vision and hopes for the renovation project. Address: 120 Lower delta road #01-07 Cendex Centre, 169208 Contact: +65 6272 1711 Reviews:

My Reno Diary

My Reno Diary living
My Reno Diary living and dining

My Reno Diary puts out several series of quirky, modern themes that resonate with the desires and ideas of current homeowners – keeping up with the times and incorporating freshness into their designs all the while. Their customer service and management are excellent too, making them an adaptable company that cares deeply about its customers. Address: 7 ARK Gambas, Gambas Crescent #01-01, Singapore S757087 Contact: +65 6255 1010 Reviews:

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