Top 10 Secrets To Drinking Lemon Water

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Dear ladies, are you aware of the secrets of lemon? Why do we have to consume lemon water in the morning? Exactly what kind of benefits can lemon provide? Well, let’s check it out!

lemon water

Drinking lemon water in the morning helps to kick-start your metabolism. It also benefits your liver and digestive system. The best benefit is definitely helping with weight loss!

lemon water

Lemon has an antibacterial and anti-viral effect and helps to boost your immunity.  Lemon is rich in vitamin C, Citric acid, calcium and pectin.

lemon water

Top 10 benefits of drinking lemon water

1. Hydration

Drinking lemon tea with warm water and lime juice help to replace the water loss in our body. As dehydration can lead to ageing and skin deterioration, we will feel tired easily and may suffer from constipation at times.

lemon water in glass

2. Aid in digestion

Lemon water may not be able to cleanse our whole body, but it’s able to detox the liver and kidney. It also produces digestive acids that our body needs.

lemon water in glass

3. A natural Diuretic

Lemon is a natural diuretic that helps the body release toxins and keeps the body from flatulence.

lemon water with mint leaves in glass

4. Cleanse the Skin

As lemon helps to detox your body, it will improve your skin condition and make it radiant and glowy. Vitamin C is the key production of collagen which is a protein that aids in the growth of new cells, adding to the strength of the skin.

lemon water with mint leaves in glass

5. Improve Immunity

Lemon water is the cheapest, simplest and most effective way to boost the immune system. Drinking lemon water also helps to fight disease.

lemon and lime water

6. Balance the PH Value

lemon water

7. Promotes Healing

With a strong immune system, our body will be able to heal quicker. With vitamin C,  it quickly helps to heal wounds or cuts on our body.

lemon water

8. Keep our breath fresh

Lemon helps to clear bacteria in your mouth. With this, it helps to keep your teeth clean and keep our breath fresh.

lemon water

9. Make us feel good all day

The fragrance of lemon helps to clear our mind. It will also boost our mood and helped us stay awake and focused all day!

lemon water

10. Help to lose weight

lemon lime mint leaves