Top 3 Interior Design Companies for Your Condominium Renovation

August 28th 2023

Thinking of getting an interior design company to create your dream home, but not sure who to pick? If that’s the case, this article is perfect for you! We’ll be looking at the 3 most beautiful and functional condominiums created by various top-notch interior design companies. So, let’s dive right in and see the stunning works from them!


Ecopolitan Condo (4-bedder) by Quad.R Design

To start off, Quad.R Design has transformed this 4-bedder condominium into a modern masterpiece. Nestled at Ecopolitan Condo, this home features a bright and airy aesthetic with stunning gold accents. 



As you step into the entranceway, you'll be greeted by white curved cabinetry adorned with white wooden fluted panels on the sides. While the cabinetry offers plenty of storage spaces, the open layout creates a sense of spaciousness.


Now, let's focus on this unique recessed section within the white cabinets. It features built-in cushioned seating against a mirror backdrop, enhanced by recessed and spotlighting, giving the illusion of a more expansive area.

Meanwhile, potted plants add a refreshing touch. On the other side, a golden-accented Islamic wall décor showcases Quad.R Design's tasteful incorporation of religion in a modern and aesthetic manner.


Living Room

As we move inwards, we enter the inviting living room with its false ceilings and well-placed spotlighting. A grand sofa adorned with plush cushions, accompanied by a matching ottoman, sits atop a sprawling patterned rug - creating a defined and cosy seating area. Behind the sofa, a wall-mounted golden-accented mirror artwork adds a touch of elegance.


Meanwhile, the curved TV cabinet with wooden fluted panels adds a stylish element to the space. In one corner, a large vase with colourful wheat decorations brings a natural and vibrant touch. Sheer curtains gracefully lead the way to the balcony, inviting in natural light and providing a seamless connection to the outdoors.



Moving on to the kitchen, you'll find a stylish arrangement of white cabinets in various sizes, offering ample storage. A unique half-wall serves as a partial divider between the kitchen and living room, defining the kitchen space while maintaining an open concept. This design element also facilitates the convenient placement of electrical outlets for seamless functionality.

Now, let's explore another angle of this stunning kitchen. The lightly marbled countertop with gold accents adds a touch of elegance, while the white fluted panels at the side add cohesiveness to the entire home. Meanwhile, recessed lighting illuminates the marbled backsplash. On the right, a smartly designed laundry area provides convenience and functionality within the space.


Moving on to the bedroom, you'll find a serene retreat adorned with a grey upholstered bed topped with green bedsheets. The bed cleverly conceals a hidden storage area beneath, optimizing space. Massive windows are elegantly draped with blackout and sheer curtains, allowing for customizable light control and privacy.




Lastly, let’s explore this modern and stunning bathroom. Featuring expansive mirrors that stretch from one wall to another, they are accentuated by recessed lighting beneath for a touch of ambience. These mirrors not only enhance the sense of spaciousness but also serve as concealed storage areas. The shower area is elegantly separated by a sleek black-accented glass partition panel, adding a modern and stylish touch to the bathroom.


Chiltern Park (Resale Condo) by SHE Interior

Up next, we have SHE Interior, renowned for their extraordinary designs that push boundaries. Today, we'll be exploring their masterpiece - Chiltern Park (Resale condo), where creativity and functionality seamlessly intertwine.


Living Room

Let's dive into this stunning living room, with a breathtaking TV feature wall nestled within a marbled recessed section. Accompanied by recessed shelving and closed-door storage, the TV feature wall also boasts elegant recessed lighting. And the pièce de résistance? The mesmerizing curved false ceilings and recessed lighting add an architectural flair to the space. Meanwhile, a luxurious leather L-shaped sofa and the cosy window corner nook complete the space. 



Home Office

While the curved false ceilings are definitely a show-stopper, the black-accented glass walls and doors for the home office are also incredibly impressive. Not to mention, they also open up the space and showcase the intricate details of the home office itself. 


In fact, let’s take a closer look at the intricate details of this stylish and productive home office. A charming wooden wall backdrop adorned with fluted panels and herringbone patterns sets the tone. An adjustable-height table, a cosy office chair, and a leather ottoman with hidden storage provide comfort and functionality. Adding a touch of creativity, a repurposed telephone booth serves as a unique storage area.



Moving into the kitchen, you’ll find custom-made wooden cabinetry enhanced by a glossy white tile backsplash and recessed lighting. Seamlessly integrated appliances, including the fridge, washer-dryer unit, and oven, offer a streamlined look. The stunning dark-brown marbled flooring adds a touch of elegance. The white island table serves as a stylish dining area with luxurious chairs, while above, gold-accented pendant lighting illuminates the space with a hint of glamour.



The bedroom is no exception - SHE Interior has masterfully transformed it into a haven of luxury. The plush velvet upholstered bed becomes the centrepiece, complemented by marbled walls adorned with elegant fluted panels and tinted mirrors. Floating bedside tables boast convenient plugs and switches. Adding a touch of opulence, golden curtains drape gracefully. However, the true showstopper is the stunning walk-in wardrobe. With tinted glass doors and recessed lighting, it offers a spacious and stylish storage solution, completing the ultimate luxurious experience.




Moving on to the bathrooms, prepare to be impressed. The first bathroom boasts an expansive mirror that doubles as a hidden storage area, accompanied by wooden-accented recessed shelving for a touch of warmth. The shower enclosure is elegantly crafted with glass doors, while a wooden wall backdrop creates a stylish partition.

In the smaller second bathroom, the use of large white tiles on the walls creates an illusion of space. The shower enclosure, also featuring glass doors, adds a sleek touch to the design.

Parc Botannia (2 Bedder) - SEDS Interior

And now, we invite you to discover SEDS Interior - a design powerhouse celebrated for their innovative creations that redefine spatial possibilities. Today, we'll be exploring their creation - Parc Botannia (2 Bedder), where the timeless appeal of wooden elements harmonizes with ingenious space-maximizing solutions.



Starting off with the entranceway, you’ll find a golden-tinted mirror lining the left wall. Not only does it create a sense of spaciousness, but it complements the wooden theme of this home. On the right side, wooden cabinets with fluted panels and a backdrop of recessed lighting create a visually striking element. However, the standout feature is the recessed seating area with fluted panels at the back, providing a cosy and stylish spot to welcome guests.


Living Room

Despite the limited space, SEDS Interior has skillfully maximized the layout in this area. The ceiling-height windows, leading to the balcony, flood the space with natural light. To the left, a comfortable long couch adorned with cushions and throws invites relaxation. On the right, the TV feature wall becomes the focal point.


Zooming in on the TV feature wall, you'll be captivated by the backdrop of wooden fluted panels, creating a visually appealing and textured effect. The recessed sections flanking the TV offers a stylish display for personal items, further enhancing the aesthetic appeal. Recessed lighting adds a warm and cosy ambience to the space, completing this impressive focal point.




Moving into the balcony, you'll be greeted with a breathtaking view overlooking the park. Outdoor seating, accompanied by a simple wooden table, provides a cosy spot to relax and enjoy the scenery. Adjustable outdoor roller blinds offer both sunshade and waterproof features, ensuring comfort in any weather condition.



Dining Area

In the dining area, space is maximized with a wooden dining table set placed adjacent to the sofa. The arrangement, with the chairs facing away from the sofa, creates a sense of privacy and defines distinct areas. Meanwhile, two minimalistic pendant lighting hangs from above. 

What truly stands out in this dining area, however, is the window section that offers a glimpse into the kitchen. This unique feature enhances the sense of spaciousness while adding a charming architectural flair to the space.



As we turn into the bedroom, a bed positioned atop a wooden platform takes centre stage, set against a captivating wooden fluted panel backdrop. Recessed lighting beautifully frames the wooden panels, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Meanwhile, the blackout curtains add a touch of warmth and privacy to the space, ensuring a restful retreat.


Home Office/Gaming Table

Finally, we arrive at the home office, cleverly designed to double as a gaming table. The customized wall-to-wall wooden table is flanked by shelving units on the left and right, providing ample storage space. Facing the window, the setup ensures a sense of privacy. Meanwhile, the window blinds keep the sun away. Conveniently placed plugs on the bottom left offer functionality while discreetly hiding any cable mess. Meanwhile, spotlights from above illuminate the workspace.


Taking a closer look at the shelving on the right, you'll find it filled to the brim with a delightful assortment of board games and Dungeons & Dragons materials. SEDS Interior skillfully incorporated one's hobby into the design, showcasing a neat and modern approach to personalized spaces.

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