Top Three Resale Condo Designs We Are Obsessing Over This Month

By Admin , Nov 24, 2021
Top Three Resale Condo Designs We Are Obsessing Over This Month

Have you ever walked past a condominium unit that has its door ajar, and you can’t help but take a glance, with hopes that you can see how they renovated the interior of the home?

I know I have. 

It feels so satisfying to catch a glimpse of the type of lighting they are using, what they have in their balcony, the colour theme of the house and if it suits your tastes or not.

Here, we will gush over the top three resale condo interiors designed by Renodot’s list of interior designers - because we’ve got the keys, and you do not need to stealthily peek.

Welcome to the Dark Side

In an era where bright and white homes are glorified, consider deep, brooding colour palettes for the home; like this three-room resale condominium at 13 Upper Boon Keng designed by SHE Interior Design.

It plays with shades of browns - from umber, desert sand, taupe and chestnut, contrasting it charcoal grey. However, despite the rich and dark colours used, the ceilings remain white to open up the space.

We love the different textures present in the living room; from the soft carpet, sleek leather seats, fabric recline and wooden panels, it gives the room a classic vibe equipped with modern technology. 

Mix and match the type of seating you have in the living room. Most would buy a sofa set that comes with a one, two and three-seater - but think out of the box, like how SHE Interior Design has done here. The whole look comes together with a two-seater, recliner and a stool.


When working with darker colour themes, remember to have more sources of light. Two pendant lights are flanking the sofa and a downlight from the ceiling fan.

The bedroom carries a similar character; the minimalism together with clean lines make it zen-like.

In a simple and minimalist space, you can afford to add decor that holds a little more artistic value, like this pendant orb that works as a table lamp, but is hung from the ceiling.

There is a stark difference in colour temperature when you compare the dining area with the kitchen.

While the dining area is filled with warmth from the lantern-esque pendant light, reflecting the wooden flooring, the kitchen carries a colder appearance.

With dark tiles and charcoal grey cabinets, the kitchen is an emblem of all things classy.

Work included in this resale unit renovation include carpentry, flooring, hacking, electrical wiring, plumbing, painting, tiling, lighting and fixing the plaster ceiling.

Laying On a White Cast

It is ebony to ivory - if you compare the unit we saw before to the one we will be looking at now. White, bright and airy, this unit at Bukit Batok West Avenue 6 designed by Azcendant leaves nothing to the imagination, flaunting every nook and corner that was designed to impress.

With the use of light and neutral colours, the living room can then reflect natural light effectively. That said, the designer is determined to emulate the brightness of this space after the sun goes down. Hence, the recessed lighting, track lighting and LED strip lights have been incorporated into the ceiling.

At locations where natural light may not shine in so freely, the walls and flooring are enveloped in marble tiles. Using these tiles is a glamorous way to brighten any confined space as it is glossy, making it look upscale.

The same concept is applied to the bathroom. Enveloped by marble tiles that light and sparse veins to reduce a dizzying effect. We love how similar patterns are incorporated by the sink and also the under-sink cabinet. With just one source of light, the whole bathroom is illuminated.

Green Industry

We love this layout and design because it is something out of the ordinary but still very achievable without a big budget. We love how simplicity is enhanced through an introduction of a contrast colour. In this case, it is green - like poison ivy green - not like the pastel, calming ones you usually see in homes that take up Scandinavian or zen ideas.

This unit at 23B Queen Close was designed by Todz’Terior, and we think it is a breath of fresh air!

We’ve seen industrial looks in property units, but a vibrant effervescence like this pop of shamrock green stands out against the phlegmatic practicality of how the look is usually presented.


The wooden door, glass pendant lights and trinkets of emerald green is a shocking delight without being over-the-top. It blends well with industrial-bare furnishings like the wooden dining table and cement-coloured cabinets.

One of the simplest ways to get the industrial vibe is by leaving the concrete exposed. 

Choice flooring in homes are usually marbled tiles, vinyl or wooden - epoxy is usually not part of the conversation. However, we see how it is applied seamlessly here, matching the industrial vibe of the living room.

When most are moving on from parquet tiles of yesteryears, the living room embraces its classy look that creates an equilibrium to the coldness of the industrial setting.

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